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The Rick And Morty Garage Mystery That Still Has Fans Stumped

Every super genius needs a lair — a place they can visit to get away from it all and just focus on whatever task is at hand. Batman has the Batcave. Professor X has Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Meanwhile, Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty has his family's garage, but he has managed to transform this car hole into a blissful sanctum. 

It seems like everything in there is placed with intention. Even some dead flies laying on the counter can secretly activate another one of Rick's gadgets. And considering everything Rick does seemingly serves a purpose, it's easy to overthink the matter, and try to find Easter eggs, to get a deeper glimpse into the scientist's psyche.

For instance, one of the best background details on the show can be found on the shelving on the other side of Rick's workstation. You can always see a box labeled "Time Travel Stuff," which seems to suggest Rick has attempted to pull a Back to the Future despite his frequently-mentioned disdain for such concepts. However, if you look closely, there's another item in his garage that has Rick and Morty fans stumped as to whether there's a deeper meaning. 

The clock in Rick's garage is almost always pointed to 2 o'clock

There are a ton of bizarre sci-fi gadgets you can find in Rick's garage, so it's easy to overlook some of the more mundane items, like the clock perched right over the calendar. So far in the series, nothing important has really come out of the timepiece. It's not like Rick appears to be stashing weapons behind it or anything. However, there is something interesting about it which some fans on Reddit have locked onto – namely, the fact the hands are usually positioned at 2 o'clock. 

This is in spite of the fact that we see scenes in the garage which occur at various times of the day, and yet, and the clock rarely ever changes. One could surmise the clock is merely broken, and Rick simply doesn't have the desire to fix it. This doesn't quite add up, though, when you consider there have been some rare instances where the clock does read something different. For example, this happened on season 1's "Anatomy Park," where the clock is pointed toward 3 o'clock.

This occurs again in season 2's "A Rickle in Time" when, once again, the clock's hands are at 3 o'clock.

There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the clock's position and why it only randomly differs every so often. Normally, the creators pay a lot of attention to detail, but this truly seems like it might just be something an animator put there without a second thought. On the aforementioned Reddit thread, one user, my_gamertag_wastaken, suggested it's just a matter of positioning the arms in a way that results in the clock "looking nice." 

Maybe we need to remember this classic line from Rick, "Why was Knight Rider called Knight Rider? The car's name was Kitt – nobody rode Michael Knight. You're overthinking it."

Perhaps we shouldn't look too deeply into this one.