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What Is The Song From The Cheetos Super Bowl 2021 Commercial?

There are two things you need in a memorable Super Bowl commercial: appearances from A-list celebrities, and pop culture references. By all accounts, it seems like Frito-Lay is going all in on both of those qualities, this year. To celebrate the launch of the new Doritos 3D Crunch, a throwback from the nineties, Frito-Lay has launched a new commercial featuring a very flat Matthew McConaughey as he searches for a way to make himself three-dimensional again while Queen's "I Want to Break Free" plays in the background. The ad is funny, does a good job of promoting the new 3D chips, and even includes some special surprise celebrity cameos further along into the ad. 

However, Doritos isn't the only one getting in on the celebrity fun. Cheetos will also have a commercial during the big game, starring former That 70's Show stars Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis (formerly known as Kelso and Jackie). 

There may not be any new Cheetos flavors announced in the ad, but the commercial does get a lot of mileage out of poking fun at how Cheeto dust, known scientifically as Cheetle, tends to get everywhere when you're digging into a bag of cheese doodles. To tie everything together, there's an incredibly appropriate song parody to go along with it all. 

Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me" gets a Cheetos-inspired remix in the new Super Bowl ad

Shaggy's 2000 ode to infidelity, "It Wasn't Me," gets thrown back into the limelight in the latest Cheetos spot. Except in this instance, the original lyrics, which involve denying having an affair despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, are swapped out for lyrics denying eating your partner's favorite snack. And just like there's no explanation for why you'd be kissing another girl on camera, there's no hiding how the signature orange Cheetle ends up everywhere after you polish a bag. 

Shaggy himself even makes an appearance in the commercial and delivers the rap breakdown, which includes such gems as, "You gotta keep tabs before she empty that bag / Let's review the situation, orange fingers red flag." Finally, the commercial ends with Mila Kunis delivering the line, "It wasn't me," and to everyone's astonishment, Ashton Kutcher believes her. Shaggy then throws some shade by saying, "Well that's the first time that's ever worked."

Few songs manage to have the kind of longevity that "It Wasn't Me" has enjoyed. It seems like every couple of years, it sprouts back into popular culture ... and frankly, that's just fine with us. Get ready to laugh alongside your family when this commercial airs during the Super Bowl on February 7. Just make sure you have enough Cheetos to go around.