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The Escape Room Thriller That's Heating Up On Hulu

Sitting in front of the TV and channel-surfing in the vague hope that you come across something you enjoy might have its allure, but if you actually want to stream the kind of content you like whenever you want it, video-on-demand services like Hulu reign supreme. Streaming is a precious thing for anyone with something specific in mind, and even more so for fans of more obscure thriller and horror films, as they can find on streamers true gems that they might not otherwise come across. Likewise, movies that wouldn't necessarily find success in movie theaters or on cable TV can become runaway hits in the wild, hype-friendly world of streaming.   

Take the "escape room" genre of movies, for instance. Horror and thriller flicks in which the characters have to escape mysterious places, like Cube and Saw, are ever-beloved fare — and what better place to find such films than streaming services? Now, one of the more interesting works of the genre to come out in recent years has dropped on Hulu for all fans to stream. Let's take a look at the escape room thriller that's heating up on Hulu.

No Escape is an escape room thriller with a twist

No Escape, also known as Follow Me, tells the story of a mega-popular social media star named Cole (played by Keegan Allen of Pretty Little Liars fame). He and his circle of friends — including Erin, played by Teen Wolf alum Holland Roden – travel to Moscow in search of new ways to shock and awe his audience, but unfortunately, the group ends up in the middle of the wrong kind of adventure: in a creepy escape room complex where unsuccessful players are killed off for real, seemingly for the twisted amusement of strange psychopaths. 

The film delivers a clever dose of grimy terror that doesn't hesitate to draw inspiration from the inventive death traps of the Saw franchise, as well as from the premise of Eli Roth's creepy Hostel travel horror movies. Of course, perfect horror movies are incredibly rare, and like many films of the genre, No Escape isn't exactly what you'd call a critical darling; its Rotten Tomatoes score stands at a meager 27 percent. Still, the movie truly breaks away from its influences in the end, and gives the viewers something truly original. All in all, fans of escape room scares might very well want to check out No Escape