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Can You Buy The Jason Alexander Hoodie From The Tide Commercial?

In an unexpected turn of events, one of the most sought-after commercial pitch people of 2021 is Jason Alexander, the 61-year-old actor best known for playing schlubby malcontent George Costanza on Seinfeld – a show that ended in 1998 and isn't as popular on streaming services as other classic sitcoms like Friends and The Office – as he is now the star of one of this Super Bowl season's biggest commercials: a funny ad for Tide detergent wherein the actor's disgusted mug is emblazoned on a dirty hoodie.

In the commercial, a mother tells her teenage son that he needs to wash "Jason Alexander hoodie" – not "your Jason Alexander hoodie or "that Jason Alexander hoodie," just "Jason Alexander hoodie" – and he says that it's clean. "Is it, though?" his mom responds, setting up a montage of gross events suffered by poor Jason Alexander hoodie. A dog drools on him, dirty gym socks get thrown on his nose, and his owner sits on him, among other indignities, all of which he changes his expression in response to. At the end of the commercial, the real Jason Alexander sees the kid in his hoodie, and demands that he stop wearing his face.

Sorry, Jason Alexander, but people want to wear your face. The commercial presents the idea of a Jason Alexander hoodie as absurd, but it seems that in real life, a lot of people want to wear a hoodie with a giant picture of the former George Costanza on it. 

Unfortunately, if you want to buy "Jason Alexander hoodie," you may have to make your own, because the one from the Tide commercial isn't for sale.

You can't buy Tide's Jason Alexander hoodie ... yet

Tide should get in on the merch game before someone else beats them to it. According to Elite Daily, Tide is not selling Jason Alexander hoodies, but there are many other George Costanza hoodies out there available for purchase. For example, there's a great one on Redbubble inspired by George's enormous Gore-Tex coat from the season 5 episode "The Dinner Party." (For $599, you could also buy an official replica of the coat itself, which is not quite as good a deal as George's father got.)

If you want a hoodie with a nice, big photo of George Costanza, you could get one from Pinmart featuring George celebrating Festivus, the holiday his father Frank (Jerry Stiller) invented. Teepublic has a fun Costanza hoodie based on another great season 5 episode, "The Hamptons," which is one of the best episodes of the show, according to IMBb: It's the one where he experiences embarrassing "shrinkage" after swimming in the pool. Really, it seems like another missed opportunity for Tide to have Jason Alexander in a commercial and not mention shrinkage at all.

Of course, if you really, really want (a) Jason Alexander hoodie, you could make your own on any number of websites that provide that service, such as Custom Ink, Spreadshirt, or Rush Order Tees. Nonetheless, Tide really owes us an apology for not having Jason Alexander hoodies available to wear during the Super Bowl.