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The Only Movie About Zombies Flying On Sharks You Need To See In 2021

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Forget Sharknado, there's a new, completely bonkers shark-focused horror movie here to take its B-movie crown. That movie is — brace yourselves — Sky Sharks, the only film about Nazi zombies flying on the backs of sharks you need to see this year. Which is a good thing, since we're also pretty sure it's a one of a kind concept.

Technically, Sky Sharks has been making the rounds at various film festivals since 2017, but it will officially be available on Blu-ray and DVD stateside on February 2. While the movie sounds like it would be right at home on the Syfy channel, its R rating makes it well-suited for a traditional release. In an interview with Eye For Film, director Marc Fehse made it clear that he didn't want to hold anything back while making his movie. As a result, he said it has everything genre fans could ask for: "flying sharks, Nazi zombies, nude girls, a lot of action and blood, nonsense, and good looking CG FX and real blood FX."

For his part, Fehse knows Sky Sharks is a cheesy good time, but the German filmmaker also hopes his movie will in some small way inspire the German horror community to make more movies. In order to secure enough funding to make his own flying shark movie a reality, the director turned to Kickstarter in 2015, where he outlined his longtime vision for the film's legacy.

"Germany in the early 1920s was the cradle of horror films, but over the decades it has passed into oblivion," the Kickstarter page reads. "Today it's carving out a miserable existence. Our hope with SKY SHARKS is to not only make a great horror film, but to help put Germany back on the horror-making map."

What is Sky Sharks actually about?

It remains to be seen whether or not Sky Sharks will inspire the next generation of German filmmakers to chase their wildest movie dreams. For now, it just needs to prove it's good enough to sit alongside classics like Manos: The Hands of Fate and Sharknado in the pantheon of unforgettable B-movies.

The movie's trailer suggests it is off to a good start — it delivers on the promise of zombies and sharks in the opening scene. But surely the concept behind Sky Sharks has to be more complex than it sounds. According to the movie's official description, the film kicks of with a group of geologists who uncover a secret Nazi lab in the Antarctic. As they're poking around, the geologists inadvertently release the Nazis' secret weapon: flying zombie sharks, which are ridden by genetically mutated zombies, of course.

As the zombies and sharks wreak havoc on the world, a team known as the Dead Flesh Four is called into action. And, just in case you were wondering, the so-called Dead Flesh Four are a military task force made from the reassembled body parts of fallen Vietnam soldiers. Did we mention this movie is weird? Because this movie is weird.

If Sky Sharks just shot to the top of your must-see list, you can purchase the DVD or Blu-Ray from Amazon and other retailers beginning February 2.