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The Ryan Reynolds Sci-Fi Horror Movie You Can Watch On Amazon Prime Video Right Now

To say Ryan Reynolds has had an impressive career would be an understatement. Beginning his days as an actor back in 1991 with a 13-episode arc on the drama series Fifteen, Reynolds continued to build his portfolio through the 1990s before nabbing a lead role in the long-running sitcom Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place, which ran from 1998 to 2001. Reynolds continued to star in mostly comedies, but frequently showed his acting range by delving into other genres such as action and horror. By 2016, Reynolds was already well-known, but he skyrocketed to stardom when he starred in the R-rated superhero action-comedy Deadpool, playing the snarky and violent Marvel Comics character. This opened Reynolds up to take on basically any project he wanted.

Right after the first Deadpool film was released, Reynolds starred alongside fellow Hollywood mainstay Jake Gyllenhaal in the sci-fi horror film Life, which is currently available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. A big movie trend of space drama thrillers began a few years before Life's debut in 2017, evidenced by the release of critically-acclaimed box office hits like Gravity in 2013, Interstellar in 2014, and Arrival in 2016. While there have been many exciting and interesting discoveries about the vast universe over the years, space is still a largely unexplored space, and the possibilities of what could exist out there are endless. Knowing all this, it's no wonder the horror genre has also dived into these types of stories, and 2017's Life, a horror creature-feature set in a space station, fits right in.

Life is a captivating space thriller

Also starring Rebecca Ferguson (whom you might recognize from the Mission Impossible film series) and Hiroyuki Sanada (from Helix, Westworld, and the upcoming Mortal Kombat film), Life is a science-fiction horror flick reminiscent of Alien and the underrated Chris Evans flick Sunshine. Set in the near future, Life tells the story of a team of six astronauts on the International Space Station who find life on Mars. While our society is currently aware of the possibility of life on Mars, we have no clue if there are or ever were actual living organisms existing there. Honestly, going off what happens in Life, maybe we should keep it that way.

In Life, the space station crew intercepts a space probe carrying soil samples from Mars. One member begins studying the samples and manages to bring a dormant cell back to life; it quickly develops into a multi-celled organism that the public names Calvin. Still alone on the space station, the crew's situation becomes dire when Calvin starts to evolve and grow in strength, attacking the astronauts and trying to escape.

In past movies like Buried and The Amityville Horror, Reynolds proved that he knows how to act his way through dire situations, and his performance in Life is a testament to that. If you're eagerly awaiting Ryan Reynolds' next films or are simply a fan of the sci-fi horror genre, Life is definitely a movie worth checking out.