Kevin Kreider's Net Worth: The Bling Empire Star Is Worth More Than You Think

Bling Empire is one of the more interesting Netflix releases in January 2021. The reality show lets viewers peek inside the daily grind and opulent habits of wealthy Asian people in Los Angeles. Interestingly, the focal point among the supremely well off entrepreneurs and DJs is Kevin Kreider, the castmember who effectively serves as the heart and soul that ties the whole thing together. Based on the way Kreider constantly seems overwhelmed by all the luxury seen on the show, viewers could be forgiven for assuming that he has significantly less wealth than any of his castmates.   

Kreider's likable nature and spontaneous everyman reactions to the luxuries around him make him an easy viewpoint figure in a show as full of riches as Bling Empire. However, we can't help but wonder whether his financial situation only seems less opulent because everyone else is seemingly portrayed as comparatively richer or if he's actually pretty well-off. Here's how much the Bling Empire star is estimated to be worth.

Kevin Kreider may actually have a higher net worth than some of his castmates

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the sympathetic Kreider revealed that he more or less lucked his way into the rich kids' inner circle when fellow future Bling Empire star Kelly Mi Li came across his Instagram videos and reached out. After meeting her, he befriended Kane Lim and the rest of the crew, and, before long, he was in the middle of a high-profile reality show. "I was like, 'You know I'm not rich. Are you sure you want me to be in this? That might ruin you guys' vibe because I don't know that world very well,'" Kreider told EW. "And they're like, 'No, you'd be perfect. Let's just do it. Let's try it.' So that's kind of how I got involved with the show, and how I met the friends that I have." As for his reactions, he explains they "just came out because I was genuinely curious about this world."

Kreider definitely adds a lot to the show, but if you're under the impression that his financial situation is less impressive than that of his cohorts, think again. Despite how Bling Empire makes it seem, UK culture site The Tab estimates that Kreider's net worth is no less than $10 million, which would actually make him as wealthy as Bling Empire's celebrity DJ Kim Lee, and wealthier than their castmates Kelly Mi Li (who's estimated at $5 million) and Guy Tang ($2 million). Kreider — who is a model and trainer and was the subject of the 2019 documentary The Ugly Model — owns his own company, Taejin Entertainment LLC. His ventures have, indeed, earned him a pretty penny.