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Here's When Selena: The Series Part 2 Will Premiere On Netflix

The tragically short life of Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla continues to fascinate audiences. While many people learned about the nuances of her life through the 1997 film Selena starring Jennifer Lopez, fans have had the chance to take an even deeper dive into the artist who brought Latin music to a new set of fans thanks to Netflix's Selena: The Series.

The first nine episodes were released back in December of 2020, and according to a recent statement released by the streamer, the biographical drama series dominated Netflix after it dropped. Part 1 of the show was viewed in 25 million households around the globe, making it abundantly clear that the passion and admiration for Selena's music lives on.

Considering Selena's untimely death at the age of 23, it's clear this is a series that can't last forever, but fans can still look forward to a second installment to wrap up the incredible life story of a truly singular performer. We heard a while back from Christian Serratos, the actress who portrays Selena, that she wrapped filming on Part 2 of Selena: The Series a while back (via The Los Angeles Times). Now we know we won't have to wait too much longer to see the next batch of episodes, since they're coming out sooner than you probably expected. 

Selena: The Series Part 2 will debut on Netflix on May 14, 2021

It appears as though fans of Selena: The Series will only have to wait about five months between new seasons, as Netflix has confirmed Part 2 will come to the service on May 14, 2021 around the globe. It's a great time for the platform to unveil new episodes while Selena fever has been reignited within her fanbase. The final portion also comes out just a couple of months after the singer is slated to receive a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award at the 63rd Annual Grammys to take place on March 14, 2021 (via Deadline). 

Part 1 of Selena: The Series took us into the life of the singer's family before she attained stardom when money wasn't always easy to come by. Upon learning Selena's natural gift for singing, her father Abraham (Ricardo Chavira) pushes for her to have a music career, and the finale of Part 1 leaves Selena right on the precipice of fame.

Netflix's statement gives us a good idea of what to expect for season 2. The streamer describes it as following "the years of hard work and sacrifice the Quintanilla family navigate together as [Selena] becomes the most successful female Latin artist of all time." This next portion will undoubtedly explore the period of time when Selena was one of the most renowned singers in the world after the release of her albums Amor Prohibido and Dreaming of You. In the Part 1 finale, Selena's father tried to push her away from her love, Chris (Jesse Posey), whom we know she later elopes with (via Harper's Bazaar), so these next chapters will likely explore the fallout within the Quintanilla family from that decision, as well. 

Until Part 2 of Selena: The Series releases on Netflix in May of 2021, there are plenty of movies that will get you in the mood for Selena that you can watch on the service in the interim. It's going to be an emotional ride.