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The Worst Thing Fry Ever Did To Amy On Futurama

Futurama may have had far-out space adventures, but at its core, it still followed fairly typical sitcom plot lines, including the requisite "Will they or won't they" journey for the two leads — Fry and Leela. Over the course of seven seasons, these two go from platonic chums to lovers who spend their entire lives together in the series finale

Before they got to that point, they each had their fair share of flings. Leela hooked up with various guys, including an ever-so-brief fling with the head of William Shatner when the two were stranded on Omega 3 together. Fry doesn't have quite as much luck with the ladies, but he's had plenty of snu-snu over the years as well, including with his Planet Express co-worker, Amy Wong. 

While you wouldn't think a Ph.D. student and a guy who destroyed his own brain to get rid of some parasites would get along, the two remain on good terms throughout the series. In fact, they even strike up a romantic relationship at one point, dating in the season 2 episode "Put Your Head on My Shoulders." While it's the kind of story that makes sense for this kind of series, it actually illustrates how much of a jerk Fry can be. 

Fry treated Amy as an afterthought, never once considering her emotions throughout their relationship

The episode in question sees Fry and Amy start dating after going on a road trip together and having their car break down. They realize they have a lot in common, and a relationship soon forms. It honestly seems like a perfect match put together by the Love-Bot itself, but it wasn't meant to be. Fry talks about how he feels suffocated in this relationship because Amy has the audacity to plan things together and wants to spend Valentine's Day with him. He thinks they're seeing too much of one another, and in a delicious bit of irony, they get in a crash forcing Dr. Zoidberg to sew Fry's head onto Amy's body. 

Even after Amy was kind enough to allow Fry to stay alive via her body, which would leave her with a horrendous scar, Fry decides to break up with her right then and there. You can really hear the disappointment in her voice when she tells him, "But I was really having fun." She moves on pretty quickly though, having no trouble finding a Valentine's date. 

It's one thing to date someone and then break up with them when you have valid concerns for the future of the relationship, but in this instance, Fry was just immature. It was completely natural for Amy to want to spend time with her new boyfriend. More than likely, Fry still had feelings for Leela and only saw Amy as an interim hook-up, promptly dumping her the first chance he had. 

Fortunately, Amy wasn't left in the dust for too long as she soon met her smizmar with Kif Kroker. Maybe if another season of Futurama happens, Fry can make it up to Amy in some way.