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The WandaVision Theory Causing Fans To Take A Closer Look At Vision

No matter how big of a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe one may be, no one can claim to know or understand much of anything about the upcoming Disney+ series, WandaVision. While information is generally scarce for these kinds of projects (Marvel Studios and Disney do a good job of keeping things under wraps), what fans can see is nothing short of confusing. Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and the Vision (Paul Bettany) are starring in a sitcom, based on the WandaVision teaser trailers

Olsen previously said (via Yahoo) that the show would "explore why she's known as the Scarlet Witch and how she is Scarlet Witch as opposed to Wanda." Thanks for clearing that up! Marvel Studios ace Kevin Feige did tell Empire that the film would offer details on the character's "ill-defined and unexplored" power set, which we guess is a bit more helpful. All in all, fans aren't exactly walking into this one with a whole lot to go on, but that dearth of facts hasn't stopped fans from theorizing based on what they've seen so far.

One particular theory will make you look closer at the Vision.

One WandaVision fan theory will make you look closer at the Vision

One fan theory about the upcoming Disney+ series WandaVision will have you take a closer look at the Vision. Like, literally; look closer at that picture of Wanda and everyone's favorite android cuddled up on that couch. Pay specific attention to his tie, for this one. As one fan theory lays out — courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live — his tie features a rectangle with two dots on the inside and two on the outside, suggesting Wanda and Vision could be trapped inside something — another reality, perhaps — while simultaneously existing outside of it. That might be a bit much for some fans, but let's be real: we're talking about a multiverse in which six super rocks let a bunch of screw-ups pull a time heist to reboot half the universe; existing simultaneously inside and outside something is more akin to Schrödinger's Cat than the Planck scale or the Deutsch Proposition.

Olsen, for her part, was coy and didn't speak directly to that theory. "The thing is, all of these Easter eggs, even if they were real, they would go way above my head," she told Kimmel. While she didn't give up anything for that particular idea, we at least know how Feige convinced Olsen to do WandaVision.