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The Storage Wars Season That Fans Think Is The Absolute Worst

The entire concept of Storage Wars is that you can find treasure in the unlikeliest of places. Each episode follows a group of bidders (find out where the original cast is today) as they encounter various storage units abandoned by the original owner, who likely just stopped making payments. By law, the items inside the locker then go up to auction where they're sold to the highest bidder. Plenty of people go to these auctions to find treasure to add to their collection or objects they can resell for cold, hard cash. 

Sometimes they find a diamond in the rough, while other times they discover some truly disturbing things hiding in all those boxes. Then there are the times where there's nothing but a bunch of mundane junk. With 270 episodes across 12 seasons, a few duds are to be expected. Unfortunately for fans, a lot of those episodes all happened to be in the same season, and when you look at each season's respective IMDb ranking, one season stands apart (and not in a good way). 

Fans seem to agree that Storage Wars season 5 is the weakest in the series

The best episodes of Storage Wars always have some kind of enticing hook to them, such as season 1's "Chairman of the Hoard" when six lockers with the same previous owner all go up for sale at the same time. In contrast, the worst episodes are ... just kind of there. Most of the time, the bidders don't find anything all that great in the lockers, making for a forgettable 30 minutes many viewers wish they could get back. 

By looking through each season's IMDb page, it's abundantly clear that season 5 has the worst reviews of the lot. It's a ton of 6's with not a single episode even able to crack a 7.0. By far the worst of the bunch is "Ghosts Don't Need Money," which has a rating of 5.6 out of 10. This is the one where Ivy Calvin stumbles upon a bunch of ghost-hunting gear, and when the bidding isn't happening, he goes on a little excursion to put it to good use in a haunted house. 

Ultimately, it seems as though there are just too many mundane episodes that lack the major finds that categorize some of the show's better moments. If you want to check out some of the more memorable episodes the series had to offer, you're best off digging through seasons 11 and 12.