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The Hilarious Breaking Bad Deleted Scene That Makes Us Love Mike Even More

There are many reasons to love Breaking Bad. The writers were experts at foreshadowing — particularly with drawn-out arcs like the season 2 plane crash – and for 62 episodes, the creative forces behind the scenes delivered plenty of classic moments, including one of the best hours of television ever, "Ozymandias."

Breaking Bad expertly juggles serious drama with lighthearted levity. It's a hard balance to attain — the last thing you want is to undercut a serious moment with a cheap laugh, but you also don't want to make the circumstances so dire that you can't laugh at a little absurdity. That's why it's nice to have a character like Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), who can weave between the two tones effortlessly. But there are other characters who never really got a chance to show off their funnier side. 

Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) was pretty much all business all the time. It's rare you'd ever see him crack a smile, let alone be the one to engage in some silliness, but as a deleted scene shows, he could've had a pretty hilarious moment if it didn't undercut the emotion around it.

A Breaking Bad deleted scene shows a grenade failing to blow up a cache of evidence

A Reddit post casts a spotlight on the deleted scene in question, in which Mike disposes of evidence consisting of a laptop and numerous guns into a well. While that part actually made it into the show, the second part of the scene is what was left on the cutting room floor. The last item to fall out of Mike's duffel bag is a grenade, and it appears as though Mike wants to have a little fun with it. He pulls the pin and lets it drop into the well, taking a few steps back for the oncoming explosion. The only problem is that no such explosion occurs, forcing Mike to just kind of stand around awkwardly. 

It's a funny moment, and even though Mike's normally Mr. Serious, it allows the audience to see that he's willing to just blow stuff up for the heck of it when the mood fancies him. Plenty of Breaking Bad fans were quick to chime in that it's probably a good thing this scene didn't make it into the show. Redditor u/dgdgdgdgcooh writes, "Mike wouldn't be reckless for no reason. Yeah 99% chance no one is around but a grenade makes a loud noise and he is [committing] crimes." 

That's not the only reason why the moment doesn't quite play with the rest of the episode. Redditor u/nameismyluke states, "This scene is during a time of seriousness where Mike is trying to sever ties with his past and move on with his life so introducing comedy would pull away from the main focus of the context of the scene." Ultimately, it's funny in the moment but doesn't quite gel with the overall tone of the sequence. At least we can enjoy it as a deleted scene, knowing it's not "officially" canon. 

As it stands, if you're looking for hilarious Breaking Bad moments, you still really can't beat the roof pizza