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New Fast & Furious 9 Photo Is All Kinds Of Awesome

Fast & Furious 9 (or F9 as it's officially called) was supposed to drive into theaters in May 2020, but the big budget blockbuster was delayed by the pandemic, just like pretty much every other film out there. However, director Justin Lin and his cast are committed to bringing their movie to the big screen as soon as it's safe for people to venture out to theaters again, which they're hoping will coincide with the movie's May 28 release date. In the meantime, Universal Studios served up an exclusive F9 photo to TotalFilm that's sure to get you hyped for the summer.

While the Fast & Furious movies are perhaps best known for gravity-defying stunts and explosive car chase scenes, at its heart, the franchise is about the bonds that exist among Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his crew of hackers, expert drivers, and thieves. For Dom, his crew is his family — which he loves to remind his pals multiple times over the course of each movie.

But while Dom's attachment to his found family is a pivotal part of the franchise, information about his biological family has been scarce — until now. F9 is set to introduce John Cena as Jakob Toretto, Dom's younger brother and the most dangerous enemy Dom and his crew has ever faced.

The new Fast & Furious 9 photo reveals the tension brewing between Dom and his brother

Fans first got a look at Cena as Jakob in the first official F9 trailer, where it's revealed that the assassin has been training his enter life to be stronger, smarter, and more ruthless than his older brother. What we don't know is what drove the Toretto brothers apart in the first place, or why exactly Jakob is going after Dom now.

In an interview with Total Film magazine via GamesRadar, Cena hinted that the brothers' feud could get ugly — especially if their drama is anything like a real life sibling rivalry. "There is an old saying that blood is thicker than water," Cena said. "For me, having four brothers, I can say I have had the absolute brawls of my life with kin. It's almost like it's accepted."

Whatever is driving Jakob's hatred, Charlize Theron's Cipher has no trouble using the Toretto family drama to her advantage. And given how committed Dom is to keeping his found family (as well as his wife and son) safe, he's bound to be more reckless than ever before in F9.

Case in point: TotalFilm's first look photo, which appears to show Dom walking directly into Jakob's lair. The image doesn't give much away, but Jakob is clearly sizing his big brother up, while Dom seems to be surrounded by men with guns. Even without context, things are looking tense during the Toretto family reunion.

Luckily, Fast & Furious fans won't have to wait much longer to finally see this family feud go down. As long as the universe cooperates, F9 will be in theaters on May 28.