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Wonder Woman 1984: What Is Trevor Ranch?

Contains spoilers for Wonder Woman 1984

A lot can happen in 70 years. In Wonder Woman 1984 we follow up with Diana Prince nearly 70 years after the events of the previous Wonder Woman film. The first film, mostly set in 1918, left us with Steve Trevor sacrificing himself to save the world and leaving Diana to grieve his death for years to come. Though Steve returns in the 1984-set sequel, Diana had decades of experiences between his death and resurrection, a few of which we briefly see through photographs that leave us with more questions than answers.

After successfully stopping a jewelry heist at the local mall, Diana heads back to her apartment, revealing that she is still living alone, even decades after Steve's death. The camera then pans to show various photographs and newspaper clippings throughout the years, including her helping to liberate a concentration camp and a photograph of Steve in front of his plane. We then see a picture of Diana standing in front of mountains and a sign that reads "Trevor Ranch." So what exactly is Trevor Ranch?

Director Patty Jenkins says Steve was raised on Trevor Ranch

The ranch clearly bears Steve's surname, and we can assume since Diana is alone in the picture that she was visiting after his death.

Though it remains unclear exactly how the ranch was started and why there are no horses pictured behind Diana, writer-director Patty Jenkins did provide some insight into the photo. After a fan on Twitter asked for more details about the photograph, Jenkins replied: "When Diana moved to the US, and all her friends were now long gone, she went and visited Steve's families ranch, where he'd grown up. All she has left are those memories."

From Jenkins' response we now know Trevor Ranch was both owned by Steve's family and was seemingly still in operation after his death. The films and comics leave Steve's upbringing ambiguous, so this is an exciting new detail to add to the Wonder Woman mythology. It is not specified whether or not Diana is immortal, but Jenkins also revealed in an interview with Collider that Diana is at least 800 to potentially over 1,000 years old. The true tragedy of Diana's life is that those she grows close with both romantically and in friendship, she outlives.

Though, if Diana is indeed immortal, it leaves a nice amount of room for Wonder Woman sequels in the coming years.