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The Boys Fan Theory That Connects This Major Character To Vought

Season 2 of the popular, sardonic superhero series, The Boys, threw a few new characters into the mix for fans to get to know — some for, perhaps, longer than others — and ended with quite an explosive finale. But some fans are wondering how one of these characters in particular may be tied to the shadowy-yet-ubiquitous Vought International.

This article contains spoilers for season 2 of The Boys. You've been warned.

For one new face on the scene — Stormfront (Aya Cash) — the connection to Vought is spelled out in great detail, by the Supe herself. Stormfront, real name Klara Risinger and formerly known as Liberty, was married to the company's founder and namesake, Frederick Vought, who injected her with Compound V, making her the first successful test subject and, essentially, the world's first super-powered individual. And, oh yeah, that all took place during WWII in Germany, as part of state-sponsored research, making Stormfront a Nazi. Of course, she's not just de facto a Nazi based on the source of her powers; she ticks plenty of other boxes, as viewers who've seen season 2 already know.

Like we said, that was all made abundantly clear in the sunshine, straight from Stormfront herself. But fans of The Boys have a theory about another new face, Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit), and her potential ties — and potential plans.

Fans of The Boys have a theory about Victoria Neuman

What, pray tell, is Victoria Neuman up to in The Boys? Well, for starters, she's more appropriately referred to as Rep. Victoria Neuman, though we're unsure if the congressional district she represents is ever made clear. What we do know is she first shows up in the season 2 premiere and that she's revealed by the end of the finale as the Supe that's making people's heads explode; but, as with any good wolf in sheep's clothing, that's something ostensibly known only to viewers.

Some of those aforementioned viewers chewed the proverbial fat on the topic of Congresswoman Neuman in a post on The Boys subreddit and shared an interesting idea: as a Supe herself, Neuman has been working for Vought all along. In a post entitled "Victoria Neuman is planning a coup d'état," user Theorydigger laid out their thoughts. "So after season 2 its clear that The Vought is not the only organisation of Supes. The Church of the Collectives has something to do with heroes too." The user theorized that Neuman is connected to the Church and Vought as well. With her popularity and the faith of American citizens, "she can easily get done with the current government which seems to fix the puzzle pieces as mentioned earlier in episode one by Deputy Director Raynor." Theorydigger believes that Neuman has been a Vought plant from the start. User mrmonster459 offered a different but not altogether dissimilar theory in response: that Neuman is "Stan Edgar's ace up the sleeve, ensuring he'll stay in power."

One thing we know for certain: all eyes will be on Victoria Neuman in season 3 of The Boys now that Hughie (Jack Quaid) is working for her.