The Old-School Steve Trevor Easter Egg You Totally Missed In Wonder Woman 1984

Contains spoilers for Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 is finally out — and whether you're a fan of super-powered action set pieces or '80s nostalgia, the film has a little something for everybody. 

Directed by Patty Jenkins, WW984 picks up decades after the events of the first film and sees Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) still reeling from the death of Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). When Diana and the timid Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig), her new colleague at the Smithsonian Institute, are tasked with identifying the mysterious Dreamstone that the FBI seized from a jewelry store in a robbery-gone-wrong, Diana receives a glimmer of hope. The Dreamstone has the ability to grant wishes — which unfortunately leads to disaster when wannabe business tycoon Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) makes a wish to become the Dreamstone itself, giving him the power to give people their grandest desires in a bid to take over the world.

There's plenty for Wonder Woman fans to chew on with Wonder Woman 1984 — even more so when considering how many well-hidden Easter eggs, surprise cameos, and small details are tucked within the film. One of the biggest callbacks in Wonder Woman 1984 happens in the post-credits scene, when Wonder Woman TV series actress Lynda Carter appears as the warrior-goddess Asteria. But Carter's inclusion in the movie isn't the only connection between WW84 and the Wonder Woman show from the '70s. 

The other Steve looks eerily similar to Lyle Waggoner

Upon inspecting the Dreamstone, which she and Barbara initially believe is just a chunk of citrine, Diana notices that the Latin inscription scrawled on the base of the object suggests that it can grant wishes. She seems to brush it off, but Diana later picks it up again and, while closing her eyes and wishing silently, hopes that her long-lost love Steve will return. He does come back ... but there's a caveat. In the film, Steve inhabits the body of another man, played by Kristoffer Polaha. At first, Diana sees Steve as this other man and is confused as to why he's speaking to her; when she realizes it's Steve in his body, all she can see is Chris-Pine-as-Steve, not the other man's face.

However, Steve still sees himself as the other man — proven when he looks in the mirror. One fan on Twitter, user @bugslayerken, noticed that the actor who plays the other Steve looks a lot like Lyle Waggoner, who portrayed Steve Trevor in the Wonder Woman series that ran from 1975 to 1979. "Did anyone catch the reflection scene of Steve of him seeing himself how much he looked like the original Steve Mr. Lyle Waggoner. What a thoughtful Homage," they wrote.

WW84 director Patty Jenkins soon confirmed the Easter egg, writing on Twitter, "Thank you so much for noticing @bugslayerken!!! These are the moments I live for. When all the details are finally seen by the fans. So great." 

From here, fans will undoubtedly be scouring Wonder Woman 1984 for other Easter eggs and references while it remains on HBO Max until it's removed on January 25, 2021.