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Why Jean From The Midnight Sky Looks So Familiar

It's been a while since audiences have seen George Clooney in a leading role, but the actor is back with a vengeance in the Netflix original film, The Midnight Sky. The movie's based on the novel Good Morning, Midnight about a scientist, Augustine (Clooney) located in a remote arctic research center. Earth has descended into apocalyptic conditions, and when he learns a group of astronauts plan on returning to the planet, he has to find the communication technology necessary to warn them of the world they're coming back to. 

Life-or-death stakes are constantly present throughout the film as both Clooney's character and the astronauts face their own trials and tribulations. While The Midnight Sky is a high-concept science-fiction film, it remains grounded due to its themes of sacrifice and loneliness, experienced in large part through Sophie Rundle's character, Jean. Jean ultimately leaves Augustine as a result of his inability to form connections with other humans and his dedication to his work. While it's a brief role, it's a crucial one to understanding the film's themes, and it's played to perfection by Rundle. 

Rundle's no stranger to layered, dramatic roles. While she's mostly known for her television work, she fits right in a feature-length project like The Midnight Sky. Here's where you've likely seen her before.

Sophie Rundle's big break came playing Ada Shelby on Peaky Blinders

Sophie Rundle made a name for herself with a slew of appearances on various British TV programs, including The Bletchley Circle, Episodes, and Titanic. It all led up to her most noteworthy performance on the BBC series Peaky Blindersin which she plays Ada Shelby, the only sister of the Shelby brothers. 

While Ada tries her best to stay out of her brothers' dealings initially, she finds herself in plenty of hot water when she strikes up a romantic relationship with known communist, Freddie Thorne (Iddo Goldberg). As the series continues, she finds herself becoming more and more engulfed in the family business, eventually taking on a role in the United States branch of Shelby Company Limited.

It's expected Rundle will return for Peaky Blinders season 6 when the show resumes production sometime in 2021. If everything goes as planned, then fans can expect more cunning commerce from the Shelbys by 2022.

Sophie Rundle played Ann Walker on Gentleman Jack

A prominent role on a single series is hard enough to land, but in between seasons of Peaky Blinders, Rundle went on to star in another highlyregarded British series: Gentleman Jack

The period drama, set in 1832, follows the real-life story of Anne Lister (Suranne Jones), a woman who returned to her family's old estate after they passed away, which just so happens to be on top of a coal mine. Two brothers aim to reap the fortune the mine presents for themselves, so Anne must find a way to protect her family's legacy. Along the way she strikes up a romance with another woman, Ann Walker (Rundle). 

The first season of the series aired in 2019, and production on season 2 started back up in October of 2020 (via Halifax Courier). If you like what you see of Rundle in The Midnight Sky, then you'll be happy to see more of her when Gentleman Jack airs season 2 — hopefully sometime in 2021. 

Rundle recently appeared on the BBC drama series The Nest

2020 has proven to be a banner year for Sophie Rundle. In addition to starring in such films as The Midnight Sky and Rose, she also leads a new BBC thriller series, The Nest. Rundle plays Emily, while Martin Compston portrays her husband, Dan. The couple has been trying to have a child together for a while, and eventually, they decide to have a teenage girl from Glasgow serve as a surrogate.

Of course, not everything is as it seems, as secrets come to light and loyalties are put to the test. The first season received rave reviews from critics, and while the final episode tied everything up pretty nicely, a second season wouldn't be out of the question. It remains to be seen if Rundle would even have time for the series considering how busy she seems to be in the near future with a litany of series and films on deck. 

You can check out her latest project when Netflix's The Midnight Sky comes out on December 23, 2020. She's just one part of an all-star cast that includes Clooney (who was hospitalized preparing for this role), Felicity Jones, Dave Oyelowo, and Kyle Chandler. She's proven herself time and time again to be a fantastic talent, and we can't wait to see what she stars in next.