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Why We Won't See Another Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer Until 2021

Sorry, Zack Snyder fans, there won't be any Snyder Cut related goodies in your virtual stockings this holiday season. Even though the long-awaited recut of Justice League is reportedly heading to HBO Max in March, according to Snyder's social media, the streamer isn't expected to release another trailer until 2021. However, the lack of Justice League Snyder Cut footage is all about spreading the DC love during the season of giving.

During a recent appearance on The Snyder Claus with Chris Wong Swenson and Dave Pena, Snyder revealed that 2021 will be a big year for Justice League fans, but before DC and Warner Bros. starts focusing their combined advertising budget on the Snyder Cut, the studios will be prioritizing Wonder Woman content as Wonder Woman 1984 premieres in theaters and on HBO Max this Christmas.

"Very early in the new year, we'll probably — we want to let Wonder Woman have its run," Snyder explained, via CinemaBlend. "Everybody's gotta get out to see Wonder Woman and just love it, because it's amazing. I'm just super proud."

But as the director hinted, the Snyder Cut hype train will be ready to roll early in the new year as HBO Max prepares for the next big event in the DC universe.

Fans will be getting more than just a new Justice League Snyder Cut trailer in 2021

While the prospect of getting a new trailer is exciting, Snyder teased fans will be getting more than just a new trailer before the extended movie is released. Most notably, news on a firm release date should be coming soon.

"Probably in the new year, we're going to have a hard announcement of a date. A hard date, and a cool announcement (or) little activation," he shared on The Snyder Claus. "I don't know exactly... I mean, I have an idea what it might be. So it's going to be cool. Maybe something you don't expect, so that's fun. And then after that, you can expect probably another big trailer coming soon after that. And then whatever other cool activations we have, advertising and whatever. So it's going to get pretty crazy and pretty Justice League-centric coming up in the next (few) months."

At this time, there's still plenty of unknowns surrounding the film, including its length (although, it is expected to be at least four hours) and whether or not it will have a theatrical release. And while it doesn't sound like fans will be getting those answers before Wonder Woman 1984 has its time to shine, the long wait for more Justice League Snyder Cut content is almost over.