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The New Coming 2 America Trailer Has Everyone Buzzing

The barbershop is back and as hilarious as ever in the new Coming 2 America trailer. While it's taken over 30 years, comedians Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall are reprising their roles from the classic fish-out-of-water comedy Coming to America — and not just their two main characters, but their various side parts, as well.

The first movie saw Prince Akeem Joffer (Murphy) of the fictional country Zamunda fly to New York City with his best friend and aide Semmi (Hall) in search of a woman who would love him for more than just his status and wealth. Now, the sequel picks up with him about to become king, but he must first return to America to find a son he never knew he had. The long-awaited sequel is directed by Craig Brewer, who worked with Murphy on his critically praised Dolemite Is My Name, and features much of the same cast as the original, with some fun additions.

The barbershop roasting delights fans

While actors have certainly played more than one role in a movie before, Murphy and Hall take this to new heights as they each play four characters in the original film. One of the most memorable scenes of multiplicity is one in which their Zamundan characters visit the barbershop under their apartment to find several bickering old men roasting them, also played by Murphy and Hall. In the comments under the trailer, fans are thrilled to see the barbershop return. User inamen516 commented, "The barber shop scene was funny, I'm excited now!!"

Commenter Quidium found the trailer hilarious, saying, "I laughed for the entire trailer. 22 years of laughter returned in seconds. Oh an endorphine rush." Several commenters are cautious about whether or not the sequel will hold up to the original, but plenty are hopeful. As Marlon Magdadaro said, "If watching the sequel is wrong, then I don't wanna be right. Lord!"

Coming 2 America is set to come out in March 2021 on Amazon Prime Video, which as Black Geeks of DragonCon so nicely put it, "This movie coming out in 2021 already proves that it will be a better year than 2020." Let's hope they're right.