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The Ending Of The Intergalactic Adventures Of Max Cloud Explained

Do you like outer-space adventures filled with peril, laughs, and aliens? Then you're going to love the latest Scott Adkins film The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud.

The film follows a video game lover named Sarah (Isabelle Allen), who prefers spending time in her room over spending time with her dad. One day, Sarah stumbles upon a hidden room in her favorite game, Max Cloud, and soon finds herself transported inside the game. She takes on the body of the spaceship's cook Jake (Elliot James Langridge), whose physique pales in comparison to that of the brave space ruffian Max Cloud (Adkins). 

While it would seem like a video game enthusiast's dream, Sarah learns that if she dies in the game, she dies for real. With the help of her best friend Cowboy (Franz Drameh), she goes on a treacherous journey to make it to the end of the game — which she's never done before — or else she'll be stuck there forever. 

If you're a fan of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and its sequel The Next Level, then this is another 16-bit escapade to get familiar with. But with all the reality-jumping going on, it can be easy to get lost, especially around the finale. So, grab a bag of quarters and get an extra life handy, because we're diving into the ending of The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud

Spoilers ahead for Max Cloud!

What's going on in the final boss battle?

As is the case with any good video game, Max Cloud ends with a final boss fight between Jake and Revengor (John Hannah). Throughout the movie, Cowboy has been the one controlling all of Jake's (and, consequently, Sarah's) actions, but right before the final showdown takes place, the game starts to glitch, forcing Cowboy to lose control. Going into this fight, it's all up to Sarah. 

While the game has mostly been RPG-styled up to this point, the final boss fight takes on the aesthetics of Mortal Kombat. It's a one-on-one battle wherein each player is given a health bar. The first combatant to get their opponent's health bar down to zero in two separate match-ups emerges victorious. 

Revengor doesn't put up much of a fight for the first round, but as is the case with any video game boss, he gets progressively stronger with each passing round. In the second battle, the villain manages to clinch the upper hand, resulting in a one-to-one score and necessitating another round to decide the winner. In the third round, Jake/Sarah takes a pretty big pounding, but it's all part of the strategy. Video game bosses tend to follow certain blueprints while fighting, and our hero even says before the match-up, "Look for the patterns, Sarah." We start to see this when Revengor follows a typical video game boss combat style by shooting lasers three times and then following that up with an earth-shattering power move multiple times in a row. This gives Sarah an opportunity to exploit the sequence. 

It gets more complicated as Revengor grows in size, but Sarah is able to overcome this by using the frequently occurring glitch to her advantage, delivering a massive move that drains the antagonist of all his health. Revengor may have wanted to take on Max Cloud for the final fight, but Sarah proved that even sidekicks have their worth. 

Who's the other person emerging out of the game?

Earlier in the film, Sarah discovers she's not the only one who's been transported into the game. The video game character Rexy (Sally Collett) is actually being controlled by a gamer named Sofia (Andi Osho). She also got trapped inside Max Cloud, although it's unclear how long exactly she's been in there. Sofia is the one who gives Sarah the idea that if they can make it all the way to the end of the game — something, as previously mentioned, Sarah has been unable to do on her own — then they can finally get out of there. 

When Sarah defeats Revengor and they're able to meet the Space Witch (Jason Maza) again, he's able to teleport them back to reality. Sarah's the first out of the game, reuniting with her best friend and father, and she's soon followed by a woman who's clearly Sofia. Based on her retro get-up, it's safe to say Sofia is also from the 1990s and probably hasn't been trapped in the game for too long, perhaps a few years at the most. 

During their previous conversation, Sarah asks Sofia whether anyone else is trapped in the game, and she responds that she hasn't met anyone like her before. Due to the fact no one else came out of the game after the Space Witch arrived, it's safe to say they were the only two in there, but you never know. If The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud gets a sequel, then maybe we'll discover other people were in there all along.

The characters' happy endings tie into the bigger picture

Once everyone's out of the game, they jump right into their next adventures: relationships. When we meet Sarah's father Tony (Sam Hazeldine), it appears as though her mother is out of the picture. While we don't know what happened to her, it looks like Tony's ready to get back into the saddle once Sofia, another adult, arrives. We see them kissing and talking about heading to a video game convention, so it looks like they've been going steady for a while. This leads to Tony barging into Sarah's room, where she's making out with Cowboy. While he was referred to as Sarah's "best friend" throughout the movie, it looks like they took their relationship to the next level — literally. 

Everyone gets a happy ending, which ties into the overarching theme of the film. Playing video games is great, but the last thing you want is to get too immersed in them — and, in Sarah and Sofia's case, actually trapped inside them. It's important to have real relationships, too, and that's exactly what everyone has by the end of Max Cloud.

The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud is now available to watch on video on demand.