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The Sabrina Cast Reveals The Surprising Monster That Terrified Them The Most

Spoilers up to Part 3 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ahead!

The 1990s version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch saw the titular character use magic while navigating the ins and outs of high school, often to humorous effect. On Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, a different version of that character learns that it is her destiny to become the new ruler of Hell. They are ... very different shows. 

While Netflix may have cancelled the series (even if actress Michelle Gomez doesn't think so), we still get one last outing with witches, warlocks, and demons when Part 4 debuts on the streaming service on December 31, 2020. These next episodes pick up where season 3 left off, with Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka) making her way back to Earth thanks to another version of herself fulfilling the destiny that was meant for her by overseeing the demons in Hell. We know from the season 4 trailer Sabrina will go toe-to-toe with the Eldritch Terrors this time around in what's certain to be a monster-of-the-week-type format. 

A lot of scary monsters have come up on the show over the years. While they've been frightening for audiences, it's even worse to be an actor and get up close with them. At a recent press event which Screen Rant and other outlets had with actors Jaz Sinclair and Lachlan Watson, it was revealed which beast, over the course of the series, was the most horrifying of all. 

Uncle Jesse gave the young actors the "heebie jeebies"

When the actors are asked if there were any monsters from throughout Chilling Adventures of Sabrina that genuinely scared them, both Sinclair and Watson were on the same page. It was Jesse Putnam (Jason Beaudoin), Theo's uncle who ends up getting possessed by a demon, who was the most horrifying creature effect of all. 

It seems as though the terror came from him being one of the first monsters the actors encountered, as well as how sympathetic his character was, overall. Watson mentioned how scary the costume was, saying, "He scared the heebie jeebies out of me."

Sinclair added, "This was early too, when we were just like, 'No, we're going all in on the gory, nasty stuff.' And we do that throughout, but it was when they were like, 'Go!'" 

By the sound of things, it appears as though the actors quickly grew accustomed to all the monstrosities they'd see around the set, and they learned to get used to them. However, there was just something particularly disturbing about Uncle Jesse. As Sinclair went on to say, "With the boils and the peeling skin and the eyeball. He's the only character that I couldn't look at when he was on set. I was like, 'I know you're so lovely, and I just can't be around you right now.'" Beaudoin's transformation was particularly tough on Watson, who explained, "[Beaudoin] knew my mom, and so we would always have lovely chats. And then he would just show up with half his face missing and try and ask me about my hometown, and I'd be like, 'Jason, I cannot with you. I have to scream and cry about you later.'"

With the Eldritch Terrors waiting for Sabrina and the gang in Part 4, there are plenty more monsters in store for audiences. You'll just have to see these horrors for yourself when the final season airs on Netflix on December 31, 2020.