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Netflix's #1 Show Of 2020 Isn't What You'd Expect

2020 has turned out to be a landmark year for streaming, and Netflix, the undisputed king of the medium, continues to find massive success with its impressive content library and a critically acclaimed platter of original shows and movies. Despite its subscriber base creeping toward a plateau and one of its biggest draws, The Office, preparing to depart for the Peacock streaming service, the longtime supplier of popular media looks forward to another strong year in the quickly approaching 2021.

As of this writing, roughly two weeks remain in 2020, meaning it's high time to look back on this roller coaster of a year in all of its glory — or lack thereof. Netflix made that easier than ever when it introduced its Top 10 widget in February. This allows users to conveniently see what's trending on the streamer across film and television. Off the top of your head, you'd imagine something like the bizarre Tiger King or the period drama The Queen's Gambit would take the first-place spot as the biggest series on Netflix for all of 2020. After all, they've consistently made headlines for a while now and show no sign of leaving the public consciousness any time soon. However, if 2020 has taught us anything, it's to expect the unexpected.

Cocomelon is crushing the competition

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you: Cocomelon, the program behind the infamous "Baby Shark" tune, is Netflix's breakout series this year.

As reported by UPROXX, the animated show is currently leading the pack on Netflix's point system, which dictates how programs stack up against one another in terms of viewership. Cocomelon, having spent 104 days within the top ten most-streamed series (per Variety), has secured an astounding 572 points since the beginning of 2020. For reference, its runner-up is The Office (with 438 points), followed by The Queen's Gambit (with 431), Tiger King (with 382), and Ozark (with 377), rounding out the top five.

Cocomelon's success shouldn't come as a huge surprise when you really think about it, especially looking at the numbers it's raking in on YouTube — the platform where it got its start. Thanks in large part to its over 100 million active subscribers, the official Cocomelon YouTube channel has amassed more than 100 billion views (via Forbes) across its plethora of videos. The show, no matter how grating it may be to parents everywhere, is captivating young kids across the globe — and as long as that happens, Cocomelon will remain a force to be reckoned with.