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The Bruce Willis Character That Over 43% Of People Would Be Scared To Fight

Throughout his prolific career, Bruce Willis has played characters who have survived injuries that would easily kill any other human. But Willis is known for this, for playing the heroes who would undoubtedly win against anyone standing in their way.

So, if you ever find yourself going head-to-head with one of Willis' characters, who would you be most scared to fight? Looper recently held an informal survey, asking fans the same question. A New York cop who refuses to die emerged as the winner, landing over 43.16 percent of the vote (from 658 respondents across the U.S.). 

The survey included some of Willis' most notable tough guy roles: the unstoppable John McClane from Die Hard, the superhuman David Dunn from Unbreakable, the honorable Butch Coolidge from Pulp Fiction, Korben Dallas from The Fifth Element, and Mr. Goodkat from Lucky Number Slevin. But fans decided that John McClane would be the most frightening to fight. This is probably due to his ability to withstand injuries sustained from running barefoot over broken glass, getting shot, and bungee-jumping off a skyscraper, using a fire hose to help him crash through glass.

Fans keep coming back for John McClane

Who knew that with the original Die Hard, released in 1988, would spawn four sequels and a two-minute commercial for car batteries? But more than 30 years later, fans keep coming back to see McClane. Each Die Hard film has grossed at least $100 million worldwide, with the most recent film, A Good Day to Die Hard, raking in over $300 million. 

And why not? McClane is as tough and as fun as action heroes come. 

McClane is the only action star who can singularly defeat a skyscraper full of armed terrorists, disarm a troop of soldiers who have taken over an airport, recover stolen gold, and subsequently shoot down a helicopter — all while exuding confidence and giving fans of the most famous catchphrases in film. Considering all of this, it's understandable fans would rather fight Willis' more seemingly mortal characters over McClane, even one who literally has an unbreakable body and possesses super-strength.