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The Walking Dead's Beth Weighs In On Who Will Survive To The Series' End

It's hard to believe that after being on the air for a decade, AMC's The Walking Dead is finally coming to an end. The series will finish off its season 10 episodes in 2021, and then season 11 will wrap things up going into 2022. 

Numerous characters have come and gone from the series over the years, with many of them meeting their fates at the hands of walkers. However, others have been poised to make a return, such as Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), who was abducted by the Civic Republic Military and is already slated to make a return in a slew of Walking Dead movies.

With only a handful of episodes left, fans should prepare themselves for some real surprises, and that naturally means waiting for some fan-favorite characters who have made it this far to kick the bucket before the series ends. It wouldn't be surprising to see characters who have been with the show since early on to meet gruesome fates, upping the ante going into the final stretch. In fact, the truly surprising thing will be seeing who makes it out alive. In a recent roundtable discussion, actress Emily Kinney revealed who she thinks will actually survive the end of The Walking Dead.

Emily Kinney reveals she thinks Daryl and Carol will make it out alive

Despite Beth Greene meeting her end on season 5 of The Walking Dead, actress Emily Kinney returned for a recent discussion that was subsequently published on Insider to offer her thoughts on who will make it out alive of The Walking Dead. "I just think it's going to be probably Norman [Reedus] or Norman and Melissa [McBride]," she said. It's a pretty safe guess, considering that AMC has already announced that their characters, Daryl and Carol, will receive their own spin-off series once The Walking Dead ends.

While it's a logical guess, it's one that drew the ire of Lauren Cohan, who plays Beth's sister Maggie on the show and has survived up until this point. Once Kinney noticed Cohan's look of shock, she quickly changed her answer: "I don't know what I was thinking," she said, going on to explain that "if I, Emily Kinney, was writing the script, for the end, I would definitely pick Maggie as the one who is like the ruler of all of the new worlds."

Cohan then chimed in with what she wants to see out of the finale: "And then the helicopter with Rick and Michonne in it lands." Rick's been gone from the series for a while, and the last time fans saw Michonne (Danai Gurira), she left to try to go find him. Bringing them back for the very end of The Walking Dead would certainly make for an emotional reunion, especially if they come back just in time to watch their old friends meet grisly ends at the hands of walkers or the CRM. 

No matter what happens leading into season 11, things are amping up for an explosive finale. In the meantime, you can enjoy some zombie action with the release of The Walking Dead Holiday Special, which is currently available to watch on AMC+.