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What Daniel Craig Would Look Like As The X-Men's Magneto

Magneto is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Someday. 

Considering how packed the Marvel Studios slate is for the next year, from new movie franchises like The Eternals to Disney+ shows like Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight, it goes without saying that it'll be a good few years before the X-Men make their reintroduction into cinemas. Once they do, though, the Master of Magnetism can't be far behind. After all, Magneto is one of the grand titans of Marvel villains, with pathos, power, and a legacy equaled only by Thanos and Doctor Doom. A young Jewish survivor of the Holocaust, who grows into a man who will do whatever it takes to ensure the survival of the mutant race, he has proven to be one of the most fascinating characters in comic history, and it's not uncommon for X-Men fans to debate Magneto's arguments against Charles Xavier's.

On film, the character has been no less impactful, with the young and old versions of Erik Lensherr being portrayed with power, nuance, and empathy by two incredible performers, Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender. This means that whenever Magneto is introduced into the MCU, the new actor under the helmet will have big shoes to fill, particularly since playing Magneto requires being both commanding and sympathetic in equal measures. Thankfully, such a meaty role is certain to attract quite a number of talented actors, and fans have speculated about names such as Jason Isaacs, Viggo Mortenson, or Christoph Waltz.

Another name often suggested for Magneto is Daniel Craig, of 007 fame. And now, thanks to Instagram artist spdrmnkyxxiii, we can get a sense of how he might look in the part. 

Could the old 007 be the new Magneto in the MCU?

Magneto is an inherently regal character, with his very theatricality being part of what makes him a compelling leader. He's also, however, quite ruthless when pushed — and this is the quality that many fans think Daniel Craig could most embody. Craig's Magneto would come across as colder and more embittered by his life experiences than the Lensherr presented on film in the past, and spdrmnkyxxiii's artwork, seen above, expertly demonstrates how Craig might approach the role. The beard is a nice touch, as well, because it severs the visual connection between Craig's James Bond past, as well as Magneto's previous cinematic depictions.

Now, would Daniel Craig actually play Magneto? Who knows. The odds aren't that great, given the actor has often expressed serious franchise fatigue from doing the 007 movies, and he might not be particularly enthused about doing another huge role that would require multiple films. 

Whenever Magneto is introduced into the MCU, though, no matter who plays him, it will require a great deal of planning and sensitivity: the character's background as a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust is iconic. He is recognized as the most prominent Jewish character in mainstream comics, and the scarring he endured from the Holocaust — while it ages him — is a huge part of what makes the character so significant. Deviating too far from his comic book origins would quickly become offensive. 

That means fitting Magneto into the present day could involve a situation such as him being put in suspended animation by HYDRA for the past half-century, ala the Winter Soldier, or something along those lines. 

However Marvel decides to approach this, though, when Magneto finally does enter the MCU, the universe will never be the same.