Michael Fassbender Definitely Plays Two Characters In Alien: Covenant

Contains potential spoilers
Alien: Covenant will feature two Michael Fassbenders for the price of one.

We've known that Fassbender, who played the android David in Ridley Scott's Alien prequel Prometheus, would reprise the role in the upcoming Alien: Covenant. And it's been rumored that he would actually play two droids. But Fassbender recently confirmed it in an interview with The Irish Times (via AvP Galaxy).

"I am allowed to say I am playing two robots," he said. "Walter and David."

According to AvP Galaxy, Walter will be an updated version of the David droid, and neither will be stoked about the other. The last time we saw David, he was taking off in a spaceship with Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) at the end of Prometheus. In Covenant, the crew of the titular ship will reportedly find him to be the only inhabitant on a seemingly uncharted planet.

While that's all Fassbender had to say about his dual roles, he did reveal that Scott has already edited the flick. "I think what's great about it is that Ridley has gone back to the original DNA of Alien, the horror element of that," Fassbender said. "But is also has the scope and the scale of Prometheus. Ridley has cut it already. He is a machine. He is an incredible human being and he was in such good form. He is such an imaginative and mischievous figure."

Alien: Covenant is slated for release Aug. 4, 2017. While we wait to hear more, check out clues about the new Xenomorphs and a few things we think could potentially ruin the movie.