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Stranger Things Reports Barb's Disappearance In New Video

Contains spoilers for Stranger Things Season 1

News didn't travel quite so fast in the early '80s, but hairspray definitely existed.

In honor of Halloween, the folks from Stranger Things have released a new video that brings the citizens of Hawkins up to speed on a major happening in Season 1.

The clip is a local news broadcast that reports on the disappearance of Barbara Holland (otherwise known as "Barb"), the fan-favorite character played by Shannon Purser. Anchor Brenda Wood says that Barb, described as "loyal to a fault," was last seen just a few days earlier at the home of Steve Harrington. Of course, we know that's when and where the Demogorgon snatched Barb before leaving her corpse in the Upside Down.

The rest of the news report is like a basket of denim easter eggs for fans of the show. The clip reveals security camera footage from inside the grocery store where Eleven stole all the Eggos she could carry, and the anchor reminds viewers to stay away from Mirkwood, the road from which Will Byers vanished in the first episode.

Although the video doesn't include anything from the upcoming Season 2, we know filming will take place in Atlanta through April 2017. The story will jump a few years to the fall of 1984, and there will be a couple new faces in town. While we wait for more details, check out the untold truth of Stranger Things.