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Star Wars Fans Have Something New To Look Forward To

Between movies, comics, video games, an immersive upcoming Disney World hotel, and Boba Fett's smashing return in The Mandalorian, the Star Wars universe is bigger than ever before. No matter where you look, Star Wars is there. And while most Star Wars media has generally centered around the time period of the Skywalker Saga — I.E., the decades involving Anakin Skywalker, then Luke, then Rey — Lucasfilm now has some great news for fans who want to delve deeper into the ancient past of a galaxy far, far away. 

As revealed on StarWars.com, a new novel by author Cavan Scott, Star Wars: The High Republic — The Rising Storm, will be released in summer 2021. 

Set about 200 years before the events of The Phantom Menace, the novel will depict a time period — known as the High Republic era — when the Jedi (and other Force-sensitive individuals), rather than being the rare breed that they are throughout most of the Skywalker Saga, are at their highest apogee, being widespread across the galaxy. In The Rising Storm, the Jedi will be seen in conflict with the chaotic marauders known as the Nihil, following the events of the other upcoming novel Star Wars: The High Republic — Light of the Jedi, by Charles Soule, coming in January 2021.

Seeing the Jedi in the High Republic era (not to be confused with the even more ancient Old Republic) is something that Star Wars fans have been craving for a long time, and these two novels are charting a course that future films, TV shows, and other media may follow.

'The Rising Storm' continues the march into the High Republic era

The Rising Storm will, indeed, be the second High Republic novel following Charles Soule's Light of the Jedi in January 2021, but it has been clarified that it is not a direct sequel — instead, it is better to view it as simply the next story set in the High Republic era. As author Cavan Scott explained to StarWars.com, "The Rising Storm sees the Nihil taking their reign of terror to the next level, building on their appearances in Light of the Jedi and beyond. Standing in their way this time are newly elevated Jedi Council member Stellan Gios, along with Padawan Bell Zettifar and an intriguing new character, the saber-for-hire Ty Yorrick who I've had a blast creating."

Wait, a saber-for-hire? Yes, this is definitely a different era for the Jedi — and the Force — than Star Wars fans are used to. Further explaining this character, Scott says, "Yorrick is a Force-sensitive monster hunter with a mysterious past. What is that past? Well, that would be telling. All I'd say is that you don't want to get in her way, as Stellan and the others soon realize for themselves." 

Clearly, Scott is thrilled about having the opportunity to jump back into the Star Wars sandbox (this isn't his first time), describing the experience as an "honor" that he values highly. He also recognizes the creative possibilities inherent in the High Republic era, which has not, so far, been explored on film. "It's a responsibility I never take lightly," he says, "especially while opening up a new era in Star Wars storytelling such as the High Republic."

Star Wars: The High Republic — The Rising Storm will be available on July 6, 2021, but can be pre-ordered today