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The Iconic Saved By The Bell Moment That We Could See In Season 2

If you went into Peacock's Saved by the Bell reboot expecting something like the '90s original, you were likely surprised. The second-generation (or third, if you're counting The New Class) is a truly modern update, with a significantly more diverse cast, a wildly different sense of humor, and a stronger focus on the social issues — and not just the social lives — that impact its characters. 

Perhaps the greatest example of the series' distinctive reboot approach is who it dubs its "Zack Morris." While Mark-Paul Gosselaar became a household name playing the charming (and sometimes creepy) blonde-haired high schooler, the return of him and his former high school friends — including Lisa's Lark Voorhies, Kelly's Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Jessie's Elizabeth Berkley, and Slater's Mario Lopez — is a B-plot to the lives of their children and their newest classmates. While the original Saved by the Bell tackled a handful of timely social issues, it was never as directly as its revival, which sees Morris' decision as California's governer to shutter lower-income schools see the children of Bayside's royalty mixing with a truly new — and less privileged — class of students. 

As a result, despite Morris' son Mac also having Bayside wrapped around his fingers, the Peacock series hasn't cast him as the iconic high school's main character. That honor goes to Haskiri Velazquez's Daisy Jiménez, a smart and ambitious teen transferred to Bayside after Zack's decision shut her school down. And with that perspective shift comes the fourth-wall-breaking power that made the '90s series so memorable. Instead of Mac having the ability to snap his fingers and freeze time to comment on his latest predicament, that power has now been granted to Daisy. 

Haskiri Velazquez wants to see a time-stopping team-up between her character Daisy and Zack Morris

Unfortunately, the revival doesn't place Velazquez and Gosselaar in too many scenes together, which means that powerful dynamic doesn't get much play on screen. But in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Velazquez shared that the connection between Daisy and Zack is something she'd definitely like to see explored in the next season. 

When asked about whether she'd be up for their shared screentime expanding and even getting the chance to see their dual time-stopping power in action, Velazquez said she was absolutely down. "You know, I might have to pitch that scenario to [showrunner] Tracy [Wigfield]," she told EW. "How cool would that be for fans of the original and all the new fans to see happen?!"

The young actress even came up with an idea of how it might happen on screen, telling the magazine, "Maybe we do a side-by-side timeout, then everyone but us freezes, and we see what happens?"

Of course, this is only possible if the series, which currently has a 78% on Rotten Tomatoes, gets a second season. But another 10 episodes and the chance to deliver a Daisy-Zack team-up is something the rising star is eager to see happen. "I need everyone to support the show so we can come back and hopefully make something like this happen," she said.