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Fan-Made, 3D Open-World Sonic The Hedgehog Game In Development

A Sonic the Hedgehog fan named The Great Lange is working on an open-world game starring the Blue Blur that's supposed to take the speed and finesse of earlier Sonic games and translate the experience into a 3D environment. The game, called Sonic Utopia, was built from scratch by the Great Lange and his team, which includes programmers and artists who go by the names Murasaki Fox, Tpot, and PicsAndPixels.

As you can see from the gameplay trailer, the action is frenetic but seems to run smoothly as Sonic speeds around the world, gliding over platforms, dashing up walls, and collecting rings as he bounces off enemies. The action is reminiscent of classic Sonic games and shows how far he's come from his very first appearance. If you have any interest in the game, you can play an early build by checking out the link here or getting it on DropBox. Lange and the team already revealed the project at SAGE 2016, the Sonic Amateur Games Expo, so we're hoping to see it a full release soon.