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The Classic Star Trek Character This Picard Actor Wants To Fight

"Star Trek" is, for the most part a science fiction franchise which posits a future where humanity doesn't only make its way to the stars, but also becomes part of a utopian society where hunger, poverty, and disease are all virtually eliminated. Racism? Gone. Sexism? Gone. Being bald? Hot, apparently!

However, while "Star Trek" fans appreciate the idealism that Gene Roddenberry birthed into the science fiction world, we are not perfect people. We thrive on conflict. None of us would be watching "Star Trek" if not for Klingon battles, Romulan deceptions, and Dominion wars.

Nerds crave a specific type of conflict, too — the "what if" conflict. We're talking about the big, hypothetical questions like, if Batman and Luke Skywalker got into a fight, who would win? And how long would it take before Steven Universe broke out into song to break up the fight with love? Let's face it, Ernest Cline built a "Ready Player One" empire on the bedrock of these unanswerable questions.

In healthy furtherance of the bond between "Star Trek" and "who would win in a fight" discourse, we bring you the "Star Trek: Picard - Star Trek: The Next Generation" mash-up none of us were expecting: Elnor vs. Worf!

A Romulan and a Klingon duel at high noon

While on the Australian podcast "Pod Syndicate," Evan Evagora, who plays Picard's (Patrick Stewart) bodyguard Elnor on Star Trek: Picard, was asked about his hopes for the upcoming second season of the show, which is set to begin filming soon.

"I'd like to see Geordi (LeVar Burton)," Evagora said of previous Trek characters he'd like to return.

But then Evagora dropped the big desire — for Elnor to get into it with Worf (Michael Dorn). "I'd love a sparring session with Worf," Evagora revealed. "It was Klingons who were viewed as enemies, and we get given Worf, and that is a different perspective on Klingons. Not everyone is the same. And I think it is the same with Elnor."

Worf is an ornery fellow, even for a Klingon. In fact, one of Worf's most notable character traits is what a stick in the mud he is when compared with most other Klingons. One of the few things that makes Worf happy is fighting, and one of the things Worf hates the most is Romulans.

Now, there are a lot of possibilities for who else from "Star Trek's" past might return in the second season of Star Trek: Picard. We've already seen Will Riker (Jonathan Frakes), Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis), Data (Brent Spiner), and Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan). Michael Dorn has wanted a Worf series for a long time, so it's not hard to believe that we could see his crinkly brow turn up on Picard soon.

The question you have to ask yourself is this — who would win in a fight, Worf or Elnor?