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Walking Dead: World Beyond Fans Think They've Cracked A Murder Mystery

Who killed Tony is quickly becoming one of the most important questions in The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 1. In "The Sky Is a Graveyard," the group debates whether or not Silas is guilty of murdering Tony (and possibly the still missing Percy), but fans on Reddit think there's another viable suspect that the characters have failed to consider: Huck.

Just one episode after Huck was declared one of World Beyond's best characters, the former soldier shot to the top of the suspect list when it was revealed that she's a spy for CRM. Now that it's been revealed that she's protecting a mysterious "asset" for the shady organization, her past actions look suspicious in retrospect. One Reddit user pointed out that there's evidence that Huck — who is eager for the teens to believe Silas is a killer — is actually setting the unstable Silas up to take the fall for her.

"Now I know why Huck said 'Sorry, kid' to Silas when she picked up his bag because she framed him. She's trying to break the group up so she can bring in the "asset" whoever that is....maybe Hope," Redittor JayIsGreen wrote in the post-episode discussion post. Another user, eve6grl02, added, "I don't think Silas did it... I think it was Huck because Tony had those codes and knew too much. Silas probably drank and blacked out over Iris but I don't think he killed anyone. Percy is probably alive and will show back up and expose her."

World Beyond's Huck reveal certainly casts doubt on the soldier's motives, but could she really be the one who brutally murdered Tony? There's no doubt that the show's latest twist makes her willingness to believe Silas is a killer look suspect.

Fans are right to be questioning Huck's motives on World Beyond, according to the showrunner

It's too soon to say whether or not Huck is a calculated killer, but now that she has been revealed as a CRM operative, fans are right to question her motives. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, World Beyond showrunner Matt Negrete broke down the twist and said that viewers should revisit her actions in prior episodes in light of what they know now.

"I think the thing for the audience to take away from the revelation of who Huck is, is that there really have been clues about how she sees the world and how she operates and how she's willing to do some pretty horrible things for what she believes is the greater good," he said.

That certainly makes it sound like Huck isn't opposed to taking innocent lives to push her own agenda, especially if she believes deep down that she's doing the right thing. The true nature of CRM remains a mystery for now, but we do know they engage in seriously questionable tactics and experiments. So Huck's involvement in their operation means she shouldn't be trusted.

Of course, the teens don't know any of this, which only makes her more dangerous since she's one of the de facto leaders of their group. Only time will tell whether or not she killed Tony, but whether she's guilty or innocent of that crime, there's no doubt that she's dangerous.