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The Big Question The Boys Fans Have About Homelander's Rampages

To the public, Homelander (Antony Starr) on Amazon's The Boys is a good, old-fashioned symbol for truth, justice, and that can-do American spirit. Of course, as anyone who's watched the show can tell you, it's all just a facade for his true nature. He's just as powerful as Superman, but he's not guided by the same principles. He's only interested in accumulating power, and if that means letting an entire plane filled with people crash and kill everyone onboard just so the United States government will allow Supes in the military, then so be it. 

Some of Homelander's most sadistic killings on the comics page are perhaps too brutal for even the TV show, but one thing is clear: when Homelander's mad, all you can do is pray he spares you. We've seen first-hand how one of his rampages go down, and things get messy fast. In fact, one fan of the show recently brought up an interesting point: who cleans up the blood on his suit?

Fans speculate about who does Homelander's dry cleaning after a rampage

Redditor zeek247 started off the discussion by trying to really hone in on the intricacies of this world: "Who does Homelander's dry cleaning after he violently murders someone? Don't they have questions?" There have now been several occasions on which Homelander has mercilessly killed people, usually ending up with a fair amount of blood splatter across his face and suit. If they were to take the clothes to your run-of-the-mill dry cleaners, surely there would be questions. 

Other fans chimed in to offer possible explanations for how Homelander gets himself looking so squeaky clean after a bloodbath. Redditor S197Russell suggests, "I assume he could just fly and shoot himself into a body of water and back out, then air dry lol." While no one brought it up in the thread, we have to assume Vought International has some kind of industrial washing machine in that big building. They could easily hire someone to wash the super-suits when there's a little too much incriminating evidence on the cloth, and pay them handsomely enough to keep their mouth shut. 

Another comment brings up a good point: "Do you want to question him and get lasered?" If the most powerful being on the planet dropped something sketchy off to be dry cleaned, then we're guessing you'd stay quiet. It could be blood, or it could be cranberry juice. Either way, you keep your head if you aren't a tattletale. 

With season 2 of The Boys now available in its entirety on Amazon, you can rewatch the series to see what other components of this universe don't quite add up.