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Unseen Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of The Snyder Cut Just Dropped

The world inches closer and closer to accepting the unsavory truth that the Snyder Cut might just be the closest thing we'll see to a new movie for a while, filling the air with butter-thick anticipation. While there's still plenty of mystery left to unravel — like, what the Joker's new look is about — the cast and crew have been slowly seeding new information to fans of the Snyderverse since before the director's cut transitioned from "rumored to exist" to "a thing that Warner Bros. is spending lots of money on."

Most recently, Justice League DP Fabian Wagner joined in, tossing a pile of new behind-the-scenes photos up on his Instagram page. Some are early-days costume tests, while others feature the stars of the picture gathered together in their iconic onesies, leotards, and animal costumes.

The cinematographer has been a vocal supporter of the Snyder Cut for years, frequently adding new entries to the catalogue of on-set images that have made their way to the internet since 2017, and he's clearly as excited as the fans to see the director's vision brought to life. The only question left: Are you ready to see Wonder Woman, the Amazonian warrior par excellence, rocking a combination trench coat-ugg boot ensemble?

Wonder Woman stays comfortable in new Justice League photos

Wagner's pictures might not hand Snyder fans the plot of the movie whole cloth, but they help to paint a picture of what's to come, with handy captions to boot.

One photo, featuring the Adoptive Mother of Steel, includes the description "Cheeky snapshot of the beautiful Diane Lane. Amazing woman and so lovely to work with. Can't wait to see that scene ... " Another post, referred to as "very early costume tests," shows Ezra Miller in his Flash outfit, as well as Jason Mamoa rocking some strappy Aquaman armor. And yes, as seen above, Wonder Woman was totally adventuring in a pair of fleece-lined booties. There are no hints as to whether or not Batman owns a set of killer crocs.

The final shot captures the whole Justice League together in costume — or, in Ray Fisher's case, mocap jammies. There's a lot to love about it. Henry Cavill's Superman stands regal, head held high. Gal Gadot seems cheerful. Ben Affleck gives us a glimpse at what the world might look like if Batman was more comfortable with hugs. And at the center of it all, Zack Snyder, tragically not wearing a super suit. 

Zack Snyder's Justice League is currently set for release on HBO Max in 2021.