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The Scene From The Justice League Trailer Zack Snyder Refuses To Talk About

Ever since Justice League was first released in theaters in 2017, there have been rumblings that something wasn't right. Fans of director Zack Snyder's work believed the movie we saw wasn't what the filmmaker intended in the wake of largely negative reviews from critics. There was so much footage in the original trailer that didn't make it into the final film that people online started talking about a mythical Snyder Cut, a pure version of the film that might have been released had Snyder not left the production to deal with a family tragedy, creating an opening for Joss Whedon to step in and do his ... Whedon thing. This inspired a relentless fan campaign to coax a director's cut out of Warner Bros., and earlier this year those efforts bore fruit

Not only will Snyder get the chance to bring his vision to life, but he'll be able to do so in a longer format than a single two-hour movie. Zack Snyder's Justice League will come to HBO Max as a four-part miniseries in 2021, and this isn't your run-of-the-mill recut, either. Snyder received the resources necessary to shoot extra scenes and finish the visual effects for his original sequences. 

Fans still have to wait awhile until they see the finished product, but for the time being, they have Snyder's teaser trailer that hints at what plot points we'll see in his film that were left out of the theatrical release of Justice League. Fans are already hyped to see Darkseid (Ray Porter) take a front-and-center role as well, as fan-favorite characters like Iris West (Candice Patton) coming back into the fold. Zack Snyder himself is clearly very excited about the opportunity, as he recently sat down on Vero to dissect the latest trailer. While he broke down the inspiration behind several scenes, there was one he remained tightlipped about. 

Zack Snyder won't talk about the scene with Flash in a storm

The scene in question takes place about 105 seconds into the latest trailer. It shows Flash (Ezra Miller) in the middle of what looks like an electrical storm. It looks like it was triggered by an explosion occurring off in the distance that destroyed everything in its path, including buildings that are visible for a split second. Flash looks around as gusts of wind speed past him, and that's as much as we see. 

Undoubtedly, fans were excited to hear Snyder clear up what precisely was going on. However, when the trailer reached the storm in the Vero video, Snyder said, "I'm not gonna tell you anything about this other than to say this was a sequence we worked long and hard on, and you'll see more of it in the motion picture." Snyder slowed down the sequence, so you really get a chance to see what's happening frame-by-frame, and honestly, it doesn't really get much clearer. 

Snyder went on to say, "Suffice it to say ... it is what you see there." A cryptic answer for a cryptic sequence. While audiences naturally don't want to know everything that happens in the miniseries before it comes out, it's intriguing to consider how Flash's story may play out in the Snyder Cut. For our money, it almost looks as though Flash has tapped into the Speed Force, which would allow him to travel back in time.

This is just speculation as we'll have to wait until 2021 to see what exactly happens with Flash when Zack Snyder's Justice League debuts on HBO Max.