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What Star Wars Fans Know About The Gozanti In The Mandalorian Chapter 11

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"The Heiress," Chapter 11 of The Mandalorian, is packed with references to the larger Star Wars universe, but one of the most interesting nods to the franchise's past has to be the introduction of the Gozanti. The massive transport ship that Din Djarin helps Bo-Katan and her band of Mandalorians raid for weapons is a familiar sight to anyone who watched the original trilogy or The Clone Wars.

Gozanti class ships can be used as freighters or as cruisers that defend cargo holds. Due to its massive size, the ship was once used to lift the always cool AT-ATs and drop them into battle, as well. The ship's bulk comes with a pretty big drawback, though: It moves slowly — this feature helped convince the Republic that the nearly impenetrable ships wouldn't be favored by pirates, according to Starships of the Galaxy. But even though it's an unwieldy beast of a spaceship, the Gozanti became a go-to for rebels in need of a cheap ride that could be easily tricked out with weaponry. 

The Mandalorian fans get to see just how durable Gozantis are in Chapter 11. It's only with Din's help that Bo-Katan and her team are able to take on the Stormtroopers guarding the ship. And it is hard to imagine that anyone without the skill of a Mandalorian would stand much of a chance of breaching a Gozanti under normal circumstances. Ultimately, even though it's not a particularly flashy or sleek ship, a Gozanti is a reliable workhorse that can be turned into an effective stronghold in a pinch.

The Gozanti is a sign of the Empire's growing power on The Mandalorian

We know that The Mandalorian is set roughly five years after the events of the Return of the Jedi, which means the Empire has been toppled. However, its followers aren't gone, and they haven't given up on the idea of rebuilding the Empire. Seeing followers of the Empire use a beat up Gozanti to transport a cache of weapons is a reminder of how far they've fallen, sure, but it's also a sign that those who were loyal to Darth Vader are still fighting to control the galaxy.

Since the series began, The Mandalorian has shown viewers the reality of what it's like to move through a war-torn galaxy with no cohesive government. The galaxy is a mess, and Mando knows better than anyone that danger is everywhere. Right now, there's a power vacuum where the Empire used to be, but even as other groups jockey to fill that void, the threat of the Empire reassembling is ever-present (and inevitable, since at some point The Force Awakens happens).

From the use of the Gozanti, a ship that's known for its brute force, to the unwavering dedication of the unnamed captain played by Titus Welliver, "The Heiress" makes it clear that even though the war is technically over, there are still battles brewing between what's left of the Empire and fighters like Bo-Katan. What that means for Din and Baby Yoda remains to be seen, but for now, the episode's callbacks to the original trilogy and Clone Wars serve as a reminder that the bounty hunter and his ward will never be safe with so many opposing sides grappling for power — especially the kind of power that Baby Yoda can wield.