The Comic Book Characters The Boys Fans Want To See In The Show

Amazon Prime's The Boys already has a diverse array of superheroes in its universe, but the selection is nothing compared to the number of Marvel and DC parody heroes in the comic books. Whereas the show has just the Seven so far, the comics have several superhero teams. It was bound to break down this way ... for now. The comics have been around almost 15 years, giving them plenty of time to introduce a plethora of characters. The Boys show is catching up, but we're not very far in yet. The second season saw some creative characters (we're looking at you, Love Sausage), and with a third season in the works, we already know we're going to see more characters in the mix.

Soldier Boy, to be played by Jensen Ackles from Supernatural, is coming to the Amazon Prime show for season 3, but that's only one of the many fan-favorites from the comics that hasn't yet made it onto the screen. The others are still waiting in the pages — being weird, awesome, or downright awful — and fans of The Boys are crossing their fingers in hopes that they'll make the leap to television.

Here are the comic book characters The Boys fans want to see in the show.

A reference to Tek Knight gives fans hope he'll appear

The Boys has all the superhero types you could want, but not all of them have made it onto the Amazone Prime show as of yet. All of the Supes on the series are, well, Supes — people who have been injected with Compound V to give them superhuman powers. One of the few heroes in the Boys universe that doesn't have any powers of his own from Compound V is Tek Knight. In the comics, he's an Iron Man type: a loaded tech billionaire with nothing better to do than build a super-suit and fight crime. Tek Knight is actually referenced in the show already — at the support group for Supe victims that Hughie Campbell (Jack Quaid) and Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) attend in season 1, episode 6. 

Still, the mech-wearing superhero has yet to appear in physical form on The Boys, and some fans think he should. "I think they mentioned Tek Knight in one of the episodes," said user u/AirForceWeirdo in The Boys subreddit, "so hopefully he will make an appearance."

If the character does pop up on the show, he might topple some fans' perception of Vought's Supes. Unlike the rest of them  — with the exception of Erin Moriarty's Starlight, of course — Tek Knight is a pretty nice dude. It seems like Compound V messes with heroes' minds, making them more aggressive, petty, or outright insane. But Tek Knight has no powers, and his mind is messed up in a completely different way, leaving him with the urge to "get it on" with any object, animal, or human that crosses his path.

Fans want to see the G-Men in The Boys series

One of the most common superhero groups from The Boys universe that you'll see mentioned in fan threads is the G-Men. As you can tell from the name, the G-Men are a direct parody to the X-Men, and the Boys comics take their band of eclectic heroes down a darker direction. Unlike the benevolent Professor Charles Xavier from Marvel's X-Men, the G-Men are led by a powerless John Godolkin, who initially kidnaps a handful of young kids, trains them at a secret facility, and injects them with Compound V. Godolkin also does horrifying things to these children. As you might expect, the upbringing they're faced with turns the G-Men into traumatized, unstable superheroes.

Fans are hoping that the G-Men will make an appearance in The Boys. As user u/DragonofHathsin wrote on Reddit, "The G-Men in particular were great and probably my favorite arc of the comics. I really hope the show explores more, but I honestly doubt it. Seems they're stuck on The Seven."

Here's the thing: The G-Men are referenced in The Boys season 1, during Starlight's induction ceremony into the Seven. We don't actually see them, but Vought head Madelyn Stillwell, played by Elisabeth Shue, talks about the new G-Men movie that's set to release. So, we know they're already in the universe. It's just a question of whether fans will ever actually get to see them in the flesh.

A Wolverine parody worth seeing on screen

If The Boys comics has an X-Men parody, you can bet your behind they have a Wolverine parody as well. The Marvel character is already an anti-hero, which plays nicely into The Boys' flawed view of Supes, and he's one of Marvel's most popular X-men. In The Boys universe, this character goes by a different name: Ground Hawk.

Ground Hawk twists Wolverine's attributes in a comical direction, and it's no wonder fans want to see him portrayed in the show. "Google Groundhawk from the comic," commented u/TimIsColdInMaine on The Boys subreddit. "The X-men parody 'G-Men' is pretty insulting all-around, but wolverine's treatment is especially bad. In a very fun way." U/FrenchTrainwreck agreed, saying, "As a Wolverine fan, I love Groundhawk."

Unlike Wolverine's retractable and deadly claws, Ground Hawk is gifted (or cursed) with sledgehammers in place of hands. He can still kill people with a single knock on the head, but he doesn't have any fingers or anything. This causes major problems, and Ground Hawk has to have other people feed him and help him with his daily routine. The character also has his fair share of mental issues, including a cannibalistic nature. (He likes to eat his victims whole.)

Overall, there are plenty of characters that The Boys show could pluck from the comics and bring to television. With season 3 on the horizon, hope is high for some of these standout picks to make an appearance.