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The Hughie Bombshell The Boys Fans Think We'll Discover In Season 3

Hughie Campbell is the ultimate everyman of The Boys universe. With his kind heart and love for Billy Joel, he often seems too innocent to exist within the same series as characters like Homelander and Stormfront. But thanks to a subtle season 2 reveal, fans are convinced season 3 is going to drop a Hughie bombshell that will change everything the lovable character thinks he knows about himself.

In the second season finale, Hughie shares where his love for Joel's music comes from during a sweet scene with Starlight. It turns out, he and his mom used to have dance parties to the Piano Man's music when he was a kid. As a result, he still turns to the familiar songs as a source of comfort. When Starlight assumes that means his mom died, Hughie reveals a potentially game-changing piece of information: His mom isn't dead, she left him and his dad when he was just six years old.

The Boys doesn't make the moment a big deal — Starlight and Hughie are in the process of tracking down information on Stormfront at the time — but fans have a feeling that Hughie's mom will play a major role in season 3. And they suspect a potential reunion between her and Hughie will lead to an even bigger reveal, namely that she's a supe.

The Boys has already laid the groundwork for Hughie's mom to be revealed as a supe in season 3

Way back in the season 2 premiere, Hughie suggests that he could be like Harry Potter or John Conner (or Katniss Everdeen), the person no one thinks is awesome, but turns out to be a hero. During that same speech, he references his abandonment issues, which viewers now know lead straight back to his mom. In fact, much of what we know about Hughie: his love for superheroes (before the death of Robin), his Billy Joel obsession, and his desire to hold onto the people in his life — like Butcher, Annie, and the rest of the Boys — at any cost all stems from the trauma of being abandoned by his mother at an early age.

By the end of season 2, he's beginning to process that trauma by deciding to join Victoria Neuman's office rather than continuing to work with the Boys. However, fans know that what Hughie's actually doing is walking directly into the lion's den with a woman who routinely pops people's heads. Now the question is, will his involvement with Victoria lead him to discover the real reason his mother left all those years ago?

Remember, Victoria is advocating the tracking of every living supe, supposedly for the good of the American people. That suggests Hughie will have access to files on supes all across the country, and imagine his shock if one of them turns out to be his own mother.

Hughie's mother left under mysterious circumstances that could prove to be meaningful in season 3 of The Boys

From what Hughie remembers, his mother sounds like she was a doting parent. In addition to instilling a love for Joel's classic songs in her son, she also sewed him Halloween costumes based on the Seven. But during his conversation with Starlight, he shares that it was almost like his mother received a signal and just walked out one day, leaving both Hughie and his dad shattered.

If she really is a supe, then Hughie's word choice may be packed with meaning. It's possible that Mrs. Campbell was literally called away from her family by Vought. Or perhaps she realized staying with her husband and son would put them in danger in the long run. With season 3 poised to delve into the origins of supes via the introduction of Soldier Boy, it's entirely possible that Hughie and the audience could be in for a major shocker: His mom could be part of the legendary group of heroes known as Payback, who were the Seven before the Seven existed.

One thing is certain, if Hughie's mom does turn out to be a hero, his assertion that he could be the Harry Potter of his friends group could be way more accurate than he ever imagined.