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The Character Who Made A Surprise Return On This Week's Fear The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead universe continued to be a small world in "Honey," the fifth episode of Fear the Walking Dead season 6. At the end of the previous week's episode, Dwight finally reunited with his wife Sherry, but the reunion train didn't stop there. It is quickly revealed in "Honey" that Sherry is part of a masked group of outcasts that includes someone Dwight had a run in with back in season 5: Rollie.

In the grand scheme of things, Rollie's role in the extended TWD universe is a small one, but the character's return paid off Dwight's mercy — which is something he learned from Daryl during his time working for Negan on TWD way back before Dwight embarked on his journey to find Sherry. When he was still on TWD, Daryl spared Dwight's life and told him to go out in the world and be a better person.

Dwight then paid Daryl's mercy forward in season 5 of FTWD when he let Rollie go with the same advice. His act of kindness seems to have paid off, at least for the moment, because Rollie stood up for the man who spared his life more than once in "Honey." Even though they're not fighting on the same side, these two men appear to have an understanding, which could prove to be critical as Sherry continues to pursue her vendetta against Virginia.

Rollie may have a larger role to play in Fear the Walking Dead season 6 than you might expect

It may seem like Rollie's return has already paid off, but as Sherry and the rest of the people cast out by Virginia work to sabotage her communities, fans can expect Dwight and Rollie's paths to continue crossing. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunners Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss teased that the masked group of misfits will be a key part of the back half of season 6, and they shared they're particularly interested in seeing Rollie and Dwight interact moving forward.

"We thought it would be interesting to bring him back and see how Dwight's decision to spare him and give him another chance has paid off for him," Goldberg said of the decision to bring Rollie back. "Of course, the karmic beauty of it is that he's ended up with Sherry in this band of Outlaws that are trying to take down Virginia."

Even though he owes his life to Dwight, Rollie has a legitimate reason for wanting to bring down Virginia: she killed his friend, Logan. Seeing him balance his desire for revenge with his decision to be a better person at the urging of Dwight should prove to be interesting. That goes double for his relationship with Sherry and the rest of the masked outcasts.

Viewers shouldn't expect Sherry and her new crew to simply disappear back into the shadows after the end of "Honey." According to the showrunners, the mask-wearing group will play a huge role in the rest of season 6. "This group, and Sherry's relationship to them, to Rollie, and how they remain adversaries to Virginia is going to play a big part as we continue to move forward," Chambliss confirmed.

One thing is certain: Rollie and Dwight's paths seem destined to cross again before the season comes to a close, let's just hope Rollie doesn't forget what Dwight did for him as he continues to go after Virginia.