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Ways Fear The Walking Dead Could Connect To TWD

The producers of The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead claim that the crossovers between the two series will be minimal. Nevertheless, we can't help but try and stitch together the two disparate stories. Everyone involved has been strangely tight-lipped about how the shows could intersect, but the fans want to see some kind of connection. How could the world of Madison Clark and Travis Manawa's band of survivors possibly connect to the ongoing story of Rick Grimes and the beloved crew of The Walking Dead?


In the first season of Fear the Walking Dead, we meet Tobias: a strange kid who gets caught bringing a knife to school. He's acutely aware that the world is going to hell, far before anyone else seems to notice anything. It's doubtful that Tobias' only preparation for the apocalypse was a small knife. By the end of Fear's first season, he just disappears after declining an invitation to stay with guidance counselor Madison Clark's family. We'll probably never see him again on Fear. Even though he definitely wasn't a champion athlete, with his forethought and resources, we wouldn't be surprised if Tobias survived a trip to the east coast (possibly in a Eugene-like attempt to reach D.C.). Can we see a two-years-later Rambo Tobias, please?

The Pre-Dead

Plenty of characters, both major and minor, have died during the course of The Walking Dead, but very few of them had elaborate histories. It's possible that over the course of two years, any number of people could migrate from one coast to another in search of safety and shelter. Travis Manawa's group is pretty small and hasn't really encountered many other survivors yet, because the zombie apocalypse is still in its earliest stages. It would be a pretty simple matter for them to meet some random traveler, have them wander off, and end up around Atlanta. What if it was Dale en route to Atlanta in his RV before the events of TWD season one?


Should Fear not get the ratings it needs to support it through continued seasons, the positive offshoot of a cancellation is that whoever has survived their California adventure could end up at Rick's front door, a couple of years later and worse for wear. The passage of time over the seasons of The Walking Dead has been left relatively ambiguous, so melding the two plots together shouldn't be that much of a stretch. The showrunners of Fear have insisted on having no huge time jumps in the series, but those rules are off if the series ends.

Victor Strand and Ezekiel

Victor Strand is definitely the most unique character in Fear. We know nothing about him other than he's rich, confident, and knows how to get what he wants. He declines taking in any unknown survivors, aside from his own small party, and his motivations are a complete secret. Strand seems like he could survive just about anything—and that he'd ultimately sacrifice his companions in order to live. Compare Strand to Ezekiel, the benevolent leader of the Kingdom in TWD comics. It's a big stretch, but it'd be interesting to see Strand go through some major personality changes on the show and ultimately become the Kingdom's leader.


We're just dying to see someone in Travis' party survive Fear the Walking Dead and end up with the Saviors, the Kingdom, Alexandria, or even the Whisperers. How awesome would it be to see a completely sober Nicholas as a survivor wearing dead men's skin to make it through a zombie-infested world? Watching him come down off of the junk isn't really that interesting right now, but he does show a lot of promise—provided he's not breaking into houses for painkillers, stealing a dying person's morphine drip, or randomly swimming into zombies in the ocean.

Flight 462

Fear the Walking Dead's Flight 462 miniseries depicts a small zombie outbreak on a plane. Obviously, this is the same plane Nicholas saw crash during season one of Fear. Producers have already revealed that someone on that plane will be joining Travis' group this season, and it's probably Charlie—who seems to already know a lot about the infection that's killing everyone, including how to kill walkers. Somehow, Charlie has some medical knowledge about this infection, and that know-how will take her far. How crazy would it be if Charlie worked at the Center for Disease Control that Rick's group visited during season one of The Walking Dead?