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The Antonio Detail You Missed In Scarface

Only a few years beyond its 35 birthday, Brian De Palma's Scarface continues its reign as one of Hollywood's most popular crime dramas. This gritty, loose reboot of the 1932 film of the same name (which is itself poised for an upcoming re-reboot) managed to stick around long past its departure from theaters, thanks in large part to its gripping story, legendary catchphrases ("Say hello to my little friend!") and, the many noteworthy performances that brought the seedy world behind the illegal drug trade to life. Arguably the most well-known of the bunch came from Al Pacino, who took on the role of Miami drug lord Antonio "Tony" Montana.

Over the years, the self-made Cuban cocaine kingpin has risen in the ranks to become one of pop culture's biggest names, and, in turn, is recognized as a career highlight for the already decorated Al Pacino. Despite being a ruthless criminal, there's something about Montana that feels incredibly human, as if you're watching an account of a real person and their lawless exploits. While much of that sensation is attributed to Pacino's haunting yet ambitious work in front of the camera, it wasn't the sole factor that made it a reality.

A small and pretty overlooked detail about Tony Montana's wardrobe from early on inĀ Scarface actually came back around in the end, bringing his characterization full circle.

Antonio's tiger shirt says a lot about his interests and motives

The mental image that many viewers have of Tony Montana is of him at his apex, running his illegitimate business with an iron fist, and basking in his luxurious lifestyle. In reality, he didn't start out that way, as evidenced by the beginning of Scarface, where he's depicted as just starting out in the drug trade as a lackey for drug ringleader Frank Lopez (Robert Loggia). He gets the chance to prove himself when Frank's second in command, Omar (F. Murray Abraham), sends him and a few other cronies to work out a deal with a fellow crime boss, Hector the Toad (Al Israel).

During the scene, Tony's outfit is noticeably different from his more traditional black and white suits. He's dressed in a more casual manner than normal, donning a red Hawaiian shirt with flowers and tigers patterned across it, complete with a pair of simple beige pants. As pointed out by Reddit user AANickFan1, this relaxed outfit foreshadows his future as a tiger owner, and an aficionado of tiger-themed merchandise, once he reaches the top of the drug world.

It's made clear from the moment viewers meet Tony that he has bigger aspirations than being a lowly dishwasher his entire life, and the way he dresses drives that point home. Once his presence and influence in the cocaine world grow, so does his bank account, leading to crazy purchases that flaunt his remarkable success. Working a regular 9-5 job doesn't afford someone the chance to own their very own tiger, but becoming a drug lord does, and, at the end of the day, Tony Montana excelled in that line of work, granting him the freedom to purchase more than just Hawaiian shirts.