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Why Frog Lady From The Mandalorian Chapter 10 Isn't What You Think

Season 2 of The Mandalorian is officially here, and just in time for people to get more Baby Yoda into their lives.

While we had to wait a full year to see how things would play out after Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) rose from the debris in chapter 8, chapter 9 proved it's in no hurry to resolve such story threads as Mando and The Child are back going on adventures and helping various people throughout the galaxy. While "The Marshal" delivered a solid story, fans also loved how it was filled to the brim with Star Wars references, including a callback to Return of the Jedi and a reckoning with a legendary Star Wars monster we finally got to witness in the flesh. There was certainly plenty for fans to chew on.

Likewise, there are references galore in Chapter 10, entitled "The Passenger." This time around, Mando is tasked with transporting a creature we'll just refer to as "Frog Lady" who needs to get to her planet with her precious cargo: a container of unfertilized eggs. In case you thought this alien looked familiar, you weren't alone. A lot of fans assumed she was part of a species we've already seen in the Star Wars universe, but we're here to deliver the unfortunate news: That just can't be the case. 

No, Frog Lady isn't a caretaker from The Last Jedi

It makes sense viewers would assume Frog Lady is the same type of frog creature featured prominently in Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi. In that film, a group of amphibious, nun-like aliens take care of the Jedi Temple while Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) wallows in self-imposed exile on their planet. Despite the fact that they both the caretakers and the Frog Lady look as though they can survive on land and in the water, it's clear the two come from different species. For starters, you can compare the two photos we have here and notice some distinct differences in their appearance, particularly the eyes, but that's not the end of it.

The caretakers appear to be native inhabitants of Ahch-To where they've made it their mission to attend to the sacred site. Meanwhile, Frog Lady requires Mando to take her and the eggs to her husband on the estuary moon of Trask. We can assume in both cases that those are their home worlds, so they come from entirely different species of frog creatures. 

There are all kinds of aliens in the galaxy from Weequay to Jawas. It makes sense it would get confusing to keep track of who's who at a certain point, but it's safe to say that if Frog Lady was a caretaker, she would have remained on Ahch-To and saved Mando a whole lot of trouble.