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The V For Vendetta Theory About Gordon That Changes Everything

Nearly 15 years have passed since it first hit theaters, but the political powder-keg of a film known as V for Vendetta remains every bit as relevant today as it was then. For that very reason, it seems movie lovers the world over are again seeking out V for Vendetta, using its grimly hopeful narrative as both a salve against the current state of the world and a rallying cry to fight the rise of tyranny. 

Adapted by the Wachowskis (The Matrix) from Alan Moore's graphic novel of the same name, V for Vendetta follows the tale of Evey (Natalie Portman), the young employee of a government run TV network who finds herself drawn into the world of a masked radical known as V (Hugo Weaving) bent on bringing the England's fascist Norsefire regime to its knees by any means necessary.

Violent revolt becomes the order of the day for V as his master plan includes bombing Parliament itself. While the masses eventually come around to V's way of thinking, there are other, less violently-inclined resisters in the landscape too. Among them is Evey's network boss Gordon Deitrich (Stephen Fry), a closeted homosexual who boldly broadcasts an anti-government program over the airwaves knowing the consequences will be dire. 

As brave as that act of martyrdom is, at least one V for Vendetta fan believes Gordon was far more of a hero than we thought, and may have been directly involved in bringing V and Evey together.

Gordon Deitrich may have been more of a hero than we realized in V for Vendetta

Reddit user John-on-gliding is that fan, having taken to the platform to posit a wild theory for V for Vendetta enthusiasts explaining why he thinks Gordon Deitrich was not just involved in bringing Evey and V together, but may have been a known ally to the Guy Fawkes-masked vigilante.

And whether you agree or not, one has to admire the depth with which John-on-gliding lays out his argument, taking the central conceit from words spoken by V himself: "There are no coincidences, only the illusion of coincidences." While they're spoken to one of V's victims, as used here they have deeper meaning. Most importantly, John-on-gliding believes they explain several "coincidences" that occur throughout the film. 

The seeds of conspiracy were first sown when John-on-gliding noticed both V and Gordon have an affinity for "eggs in a basket," which the user believes signals a deeper connection between the two. "Gordon Deitrich and V both made egg in a basket because they knew each other. Namely, Gordon was a co-conspirator in V's entire plan."

He goes on to claim Gordon put Evey in V's path the night they met, and may have engineered the life-saving moment that cemented the pair's kinship. "Evey wasn't randomly saved by V," the redditor says, "she was put in harm's way by Gordon so V could save her so he could get to Prothero. V was able to save Evey from being arrested at Gordon's home, because he was already there."

These snippets from John-on-gliding's post obviously don't convey the full depth of his argument, but you get the picture. And while this massive V for Vendetta theory goes a touch off the rails in the end, it's still one for the ages.