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Here's What Eiza González Would Look Like As Green Lantern

What separates Green Lantern from so many other superheroes is that unlike Spider-Man or Superman, there isn't just one Green Lantern. There are many. And in the upcoming HBO Max series, Green Lantern, we will get to see the stories from various Green Lanterns including: Alan Scott, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, Guy Gardener and Killowog. Just one month after HBO Max confirmed that Jessica Cruz would be included in the ten hour-long episode series, fans began wondering just who would be cast and what the show might look like.

Though HBO Max has not yet announced the cast for the upcoming show, that didn't stop fans from using their imaginations. In a new piece of fan art from BossLogic, the artist imagined Baby Driver actress Eiza González as Jessica Cruz, Earth's first female Green Lantern. The imagined casting fits Cruz perfectly. As Screen Rant points out: "The design gives Cruz's suit more of an armored style while maintaining her unique signature look of a Lantern symbol over her right eye." 

Eiza González and Janelle Monae would be perfect for the new Green Lantern

González is a rising star and is no stranger to the superhero genre. She starred alongside Vin Diesel in 2020 superhero film Bloodshot

Reactions to the BossLogic's fan art mostly show agreement that the actress would be a great choice for the role, with users writing comments like: "Such a spot on choice. Would love for this to be a reality," and many posting gifs and thumbs up to show their support. 

In addition to anticipating how González might look in the series, BossLogic posted images of what musician and actress Janelle Monae might look like as Sojourner "Jo" Mullein, and how actor Sterling K. Brown would look as former marine Green Lantern John Stewart. Brown even took to twitter in 2017, writing that he was "humbly" submitting his name to play the role of John Stewart.

Hopefully this masterfully done fan art gets HBO Max thinking in the right direction when it comes time to cast.