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The Worst Thing Donna Did To Jackie On That '70s Show

Though many fans of the classic '90s sitcom That '70s Show often show a strong dislike for Jackie, Donna might soon take her place.

While Eric and Donna were the couple fans rooted for, Jackie and Kelso were the couple fans loved to watch explode. Throughout the show the two are always unstable, often fighting, breaking up, and in Kelso's case, cheating. Even in the first season, Kelso declares his intent to break up with Jackie, one of his reasons being that she's "cutting into" his free time. 

Later, Kelso starts cheating on Jackie and does so repeatedly throughout the show, most notably with Laurie, Eric's older sister. When the gang finds out about Kelso's infidelity, they hide it from Jackie. Then, when Jackie and Hyde want to hide their romance in season 5 from Kelso, Donna immediately says Kelso "is going to freak out." 

All of this recently prompted a Reddit user to defend Jackie and lambast the gang for standing up for Kelso. The user, cosmicbloom, asked, "Why is it Kelso's business what his ex-girlfriend is up to? Why did nobody stick up for Jackie when she was BLATANTLY being cheated on for years?"

Some fans think Donna betrayed Jackie on That '70s Show

The double standard is clear. And in response, another Reddit user, SAMROSS4, blamed Donna. The user wrote that it made sense for Eric and Hyde not to tell Jackie when she was being cheated on because they were close with Kelso. But since Donna was like an older sister to Jackie, she should have said something. "The real crime is when Donna finds out and does nothing," SAMROSS4 wrote.

Fans clearly believe it was Donna's duty to tell her friend what was happening. In the season 2 episode "Kiss of Death," Donna sees Kelso kiss Laurie. But she thinks if she says anything to Jackie it would hurt her and avoids it. Even though the intention was noble, the double standard Donna shows confronting Jackie about not telling Kelso of her relationship with Hyde has turned fans against her.

One of the That '70s Show questions that still burn: Where's the hate for Kelso, the one who was repeatedly doing the cheating?