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What The Umbrella Academy Would Be As Dungeons & Dragons Characters

It's not every day that two much-loved properties collide (the universe wouldn't be able to handle Avengers: Infinity War-level ambitious crossovers on a regular basis), but for one Reddit user, the pull to mash up a hit Netflix superhero series with one of the most popular and enduring tabletop role-playing games in history was simply too strong to resist.

In a post on Reddit, an anonymous fan of both The Umbrella Academy and Dungeons & Dragons shared their carefully thought-out ideas about what type of D&D character each member of the Hargreeves family would be. The user, who has since deleted their account and thus unfortunately can't be named by handle here, accounts for everyone in the sometimes-dysfunctional gang — the Number One of the family, Luther (Tom Hopper), all the way to the initially-thought-to-be-powerless Vanya (Ellen Page) — and provides detailed descriptions to explain why they assigned each member of the Umbrella Academy to that specific D&D character type.

It takes only a quick scroll through the Redditor's post to see that they've pretty much nailed it. 

From rogue assassins to wild magic sorcerers, the Umbrella Academy would make great D&D characters

First up on the list is, naturally, Luther. The Reddit user classifies him as a "level 10 goliath totem barbarian [,] both in bear." Luther's incredible strength, which only grew more super-human when his adoptive father Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) injected him with a serum that changed his upper body into that of an ape, is the reason for this D&D character classification, according to the nameless Redditor. "This will best reflect[ed] by giving him extremely super human strength and let[ting] him be able to pull feats of super human strength, while being durable enough to get that chandelier dropped on him," they explained. 

As for Diego (David Castañeda), the Reddit user believes he'd be a "level 8 variant human rogue assassin." They note that Diego is great at handling human enemies with lower Challenge Ratings as well as avoiding damage to himself, but he "really doesn't seem on completely even footing with Luther during the fights, as the latter seems like he'd beat Diego in a lengthy fight." For the Redditor, Diego would also have a knife-throwing focus in D&D, and would "definitely" have taken on the Tavern Brawler feat, which focuses on successfully using improvised weapons during fights.

Also known as "the Rumor," Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) would be a "level 15 tiefling wild magic sorcerer" in D&D, according to the Redditor. She'd get a charisma boost and use Devil's Tongue (which matches her actual reality-bending powers in The Umbrella Academy), and would focus her sorcerer work on enchantment spells. The user notes that Allison would wield wild magic only for "the manipulation of spells and ability to make saving throws harder on people."

As a Dungeons & Dragons character, Klaus (Robert Sheehan) would be, in the Redditor's eyes, a "fallen aasimar grave cleric" — ranging anywhere between a level five and a level 17, given his struggles with addition and the fact that he doesn't realize how powerful his abilities are. When he's sober, he becomes a "protection aasimar," and appears largely at a level five. He's also a cleric to the God-like entity who appeared to him as a little girl during The Umbrella Academy season 1. 

Five, Ben, and Vanya would be high-level D&D characters

Funnily enough, the three shorter-statured members of the Hargreeves family would be, by the Reddit user's estimations, the three highest-leveled D&D characters of the bunch. Small but mighty, these three are.

Number Five (Aidan Gallagher) would be both a "level 17 halfling transmutation wizard" and a level ten assassin rogue — due to his powers of teleportation, his natural luck, his time spent working as a literal assassin, and the fact that he's the oldest Hargreeves kid despite appearing like a teenager. Within D&D, Five would be able to time travel "with an intelligence check" thanks to what the Redditor believes would be Five's "homebrewed ritual." He'd also rely on his smarts to cast spells and wouldn't lean on charisma.

When it comes to Ben (Justin H. Min), the deceased Hargreeves whom Klaus can see, the Reddit user feels he would be a "human lingering spirit poltergeist" at a level 15 — though they admit that "lingering spirit" isn't the most perfect description for Ben. In D&D, Ben would be attached to Klaus (fitting given their actual dynamic in the Umbrella Academy comics and the Netflix series), and would be able to "flavor" his attacks when the Eldritch-horror-esque tentacles come shooting out of his chest.

No surprise here, but the Redditor argues that Vanya Hargreeves would be at the highest level of all of her siblings if they were characters in Dungeons & Dragons. Specifically, she'd be a "level 20 variant human Glamour bard" who, at level zero, took on the Actor feat. This falls in line with her personal arc of believing she was powerless all her life, only to find out as an adult that her family had been suppressing her abilities because she was actually the strongest of them all. As the Reddit user argues, a D&D version of Vanya would take the Wish spell "as her final magical secrets," being told to "cast it as a ritual, which she was charging up for a world destroying thing at the end." 

Clearly, a lot of thought went into these seven classifications. Now time to classify the other super-powered people born on the same day the Hargreeves kids were.