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The Walking Dead: World Beyond Fans Weigh In On The A Or B Reveal

Spoilers for The Walking Dead: World Beyond's fourth episode to follow.

There's a lot that sets The Walking Dead: World Beyond apart from its sister series, The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. The show was specifically designed to only last two seasons consisting of 20 episodes total, and the focus is on a group of teenagers trying to survive in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, providing a new, different perspective and fleshing out the world that fans of The Walking Dead have known for a decade now. 

For the most part, the series seems to be interested in setting up key details about the future Walking Dead movies in the works that will bring Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) back to the story. For those who haven't kept up with The Walking Dead, Rick was abducted by a mysterious organization known as the Civic Republic Military, and viewers have no idea what he's doing. There are plenty of theories regarding what's happened to Rick since he's disappeared, and fans continue to speculate as to his ultimate fate. 

World Beyond seems set to fill in some of the blanks of the Walking Dead universe, including the matter of who exactly is an "A" and who's a "B." In the latest episode, "The Wrong End of a Telescope," fans of the franchise finally gained a little bit of insight into this classification system... provided they stuck around to watch a short scene at the end of the credits. 

"A" refers to zombies the CRM has chosen to study

In the post-credits scene of "The Wrong End of a Telescope," we're shown a zombie test subject inside of a lab, and the zombie has a label reading "A.4.0.2." This seems to at least suggest that "A" designations are given to zombies the Civic Republic wants to study. In this sense, perhaps the "A" stands for "Asset," and the CRM's scientists are trying to find a cure, or (more sinisterly) they want to find a way to weaponize the zombies. 

While it was a major hint that's sure to have ramifications for the Walking Dead universe going forward, it still doesn't answer the question of what a "B" is. Well, in a recent Reddit thread begun by u/zachsoulis, the following explanation is provided: "I'm thinking B is a soldier because [Jadis] says to convince the helicopter pilot [Rick is] 'strong' before he was taken." It would make sense for the military to have different classifications for the various entities they may encounter out in the wild. Perhaps CRM forces decide whether a person they run into would have a fruitful use for military applications or, if they're weak, having them get bit by a zombie to use in various experiments. It's safe to say that when Jadis (Pollyana McIntosh) found Rick, she realized what an asset he could be if taken alive. 

While there's been no official confirmation yet as to what a "B" truly is, no doubt all will be revealed soon about the designations, not to mention all the other questions fans have about the franchise. What is the CRM studying zombies for? Where's Rick been this entire time? Will Michonne (Danai Gurira) ever find Rick? The end of an era's coming soon, and shortly, all secrets must come to light. 

More answers will be revealed as World Beyond continues. Keep checking back for more updates on the eventual Walking Dead movies as they become available.