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Why Marty's Bank In Ozark Looks So Familiar

Jason Bateman finally got his chance to break bad in Netflix's critically-acclaimed series Ozark. When the series opens, his character, Marty Byrde, is a financial advisor who gets involved in a money-laundering scheme with the Mexican drug cartel. Things turn south very quickly, and Byrde attempts to make amends by setting up a massive laundering operation, within all of central Missouri, in the Lake of the Ozarks region. His entire family soon develops entanglements with the local criminal underground, including the Kansas City Mafia. 

With three seasons released so far, the show has already seen a massive amount of success, including actress Julia Garner winning an Emmy for her work on the extremely dark series. It's come a long way ... and it's hard to imagine it all began with Marty Byrde making that fateful trip to the bank in the pilot episode "Sugarwood." 

In case you thought you had a case of deja vu watching that scene, you're not alone. It turns out that bank setting has a prominent role in another project you may have seen, especially if you're a fan of biopics. 

The bank from Ozark also appears in 2016's The Founder starring Michael Keaton

Reddit user, Detzeb, made the connection in a recent thread showcasing how the bank in Ozark and the bank in The Founder are exactly the same. The 2016 film starring Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc, the "founder" of McDonald's, showcases the businessman going from a simple milkshake machine salesman to a wealthy entrepreneur who steals the idea regarding the fast-food giant from two brothers who actually came up with the idea of McDonald's. At one point in the film, Kroc goes to the bank when his mortgage becomes past due. When you examine the two scenes closely, it's undeniable that it is the same set. 

Redditor Trayew points out how it's interesting the two properties used the same set considering they both take place in Illinois. They stated, "Ray Kroc was from Illinois and headquartered [McDonald's] there, and Marty was from Illinois, so it makes a weird type of accidental sense that they'd bank at the same place. A bank large enough to handle millions of dollars." There are some dead giveaways it's the same set, such as the two massive columns by the front entrance and the structure of the doors. If any other TV show or movie were to use this set in the future, you'd definitely be able to point it out. 

Keep your eyes peeled to see if this bank appears later on, in Ozark season 4, when the series comes back in the near future.