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Here's How Jaden Smith's Dre Could Join Cobra Kai

Netflix's Cobra Kai may be just another on a long list of TV and film continuations of iconic '80s franchises, but it still finds a way to stand out above the rest. It serves as a suitable next chapter in the Karate Kid story, and doesn't leave behind what made the source material so great to begin with. 

Many fans praise the series for its ability to spin deep cuts from the franchise's lore, making references to everything from the original 1985 movie to the obscure (and relatively short-lived) Karate Kid cartoon. Cobra Kai brings nearly everything full circle and makes the entire chronology feel complete.

However, there's one piece of media that has yet to get a proper nod across Cobra Kai's three seasons: the 2010 Karate Kid reboot starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. Generally speaking, audience reactions to this updated flick were fairly mixed, with many complaining that the film doesn't work very hard to do anything new with its story or try to connect to its predecessors in any meaningful way. It stands so far removed that, hypothetically, it could slot right into the preexisting Karate Kid/Cobra Kai continuity if those working on the show hadn't confirmed that the Smith movie exists in a separate continuity

Still, if those in charge wanted to meld the two together down the line by bringing back Jaden Smith's Dre Parker, it's not an impossible task.

Dre could arrive and open up a dojo of his own

With his father, Will Smith, acting as an executive producer on Cobra Kai, it's a wonder that Jaden Smith hasn't brought Dre into the Cobra Kai universe just yet. An older, more experienced version of the character could spice things up, deviating from the typical Cobra Kai versus Miyagi-Do rivalry that's dominated the first two seasons. Reddit user areallyfatdude wondered how best to potentially introduce him, and put together a pretty spot-on elevator pitch. 

This fan suggests that Dre could be introduced as a third claimant to the San Fernando Valley karate throne. If Dre were to open a Gong Fu dojo right next to Cobra Kai, it might force Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do to actually work together to combat the carpetbagger. Though a little farfetched, it would certainly mix things up.

This concept would open the door for some really intriguing storytelling opportunities to play out, perhaps even setting the stage for Jackie Chan's Mr. Han to return, as well. As of now, it's incredibly unlikely the 2010 Karate Kid or its cast will ever blend into the Cobra Kai-Karate Kid continuum. In all likelihood, they will remain their own universe forevermore. 

Still, as the saying goes, never say never.