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David Castaneda Reveals The Storyline He Wants Added To The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy has been a hit on Netflix pretty much since the first season came out in 2019. The show has taken us through two seasons worth of the kind of apocalypses, romance, drama, and action that could only come from the mismatched superheroes of the adopted Hargreeves family. Each of the siblings has their own unique personality traits: The do-gooder Luther, the gothed-out partier Klaus, the deceased Ben, the musical genius and family black sheep Vanya, the witty time-traveling Five, the nomral(ish) Allison, and the angsty Diego.

Recently, David Castañeda, the actor who plays Diego Hargreeves, did an interview with DAMAN in which he talked about the show and the comics, and revealed a specific The Umbrella Academy storyline that he wants to see make it on to the show. When the DAMAN reporter asked Castañeda if there were any stories from the comics that he wanted to perform, Castañeda responded, "When he [Diego] was in a band with Klaus and Vanya. I'd like to see that."

Diego wants an Umbrella Academy jam

The storyline to which the actor is referring occurs in a short, eight-page comic titled "Anywhere But Here" that was originally published on Dark Horse's Myspace page and is chronologically located in The Umbrella Academy: Dallas series. You can find the story online and in The Umbrella Academy: Dallas Volume 2. The short features a band (the Prime-8s) made up of Hargreeves siblings Diego and Vanya and a talking ape named Body. The punk rock ensemble doesn't seem to include Klaus as Castañeda seems to think it does, but his personality and aesthetic would certainly fit right in with the band.

The story starts off with a bit of fun, as Reginald Hargreeves reads about the band in the newspaper and gets figuratively sick over both the punk nature of his children and Diego's violent onstage outburst that made the headlines. From Diego's point of view, this would be a perfect outcome — as anyone who watches the show knows, Diego loves to upset the patriarch of the Hargreeves family in whatever angsty, "please show me some attention" way he can get away with.

The short comic really highlights the characters' personalities. Diego talks big about disobeying their father while actually doing exactly what the patriarch wants. He convinces Vanya that he'll skip out on his duties to play a final gig with her, but leaves her hanging. Vanya, in Vanya style, feels like her family has let her down again, so she hops in a cab and tells the driver to take her "anywhere but here." On an ironic side note, the band's debut album I Don't Wanna Kill The President would be a perfect callback to the season 2 storyline if they ever decided to put the Prime-8s on the show.